Thursday, September 29, 2011

Married... pushing 24... with a baby on the way?!

When did I get old enough for any of this to be a reality??

I can't believe it, but this is my reality; this is what my life has lead me to and although it is not entirely what I planned, I could not be any happier with my lot in life.  :)  But even still, some days, I cannot wrap my mind around it all.  Just a few weeks ago, I stumbled across old love e-mails from Tony (which then prompted some old love note reading) and it made me laugh to hear us talk about birthdays and "getting to be so old" at every different stage we entered together.  There is a certain part of me that wants to go back to that time and just stay there and soak up everything we were back then but let's face it -- life is so chaotic when you are a hormonal teenager.  As much fun as we had together and as much as we genuinely loved one another, so many days were wasted on various mistakes and missteps that were made by each of us.  More than anything, I wish I could go back and prevent breaking each others heart's so many times - but maybe that wouldn't have lead us to where we are today.

And the fact that there is a little, miniature human being that are equal parts of Tony and I growing as I type this is fully beyond my realm of understanding.  I already cannot imagine how something (or someone, rather) can take us by such surprise and complete dreams we hadn't begun to think up yet.  We are going to be parents in a few months. Hooooly crap.  We're just going through constant changes this past year and even in the middle of it all I can't help but feel extremely blessed that God sees that both of us are fit for this and that He gave us such a little miracle.

Another thing is, I turn 24 in November.  That means I will be a twenty four year old mother.  I don't know what I would have said five or ten years ago about starting a family, but as of recently I would have thought I would have been older than this.  Yet somehow, all of a sudden, 24 sounds pretty damn old.  Or more than that, it just sounds old for me.  I'm not scared or apprehensive about being older (at least not yet) or offended by my age, it's just I feel that I haven't done very much changing in the last ten years or so.  When I stop to think about it, I probably just don't like the fact that I keep getting older and hitting these wonderful milestones and not having my dad around to rejoice in them or to have his opinion on anything.  Yep, that's it.


 I was so lucky to have an awesome dad.  And I am sure it's no coincidence that I married a man who will also make such an amazing dad.  Watching Tony be a dad is something I look forward to more than becoming a parent myself.  And although Tony and I aren't always the best team together on DIY projects, I have a feeling that we will be a kick ass parenting team.  And if we aren't right away, I know that we'll just have to work on it. :)  And if you - reading this - are a parent and feel the same way about your spouse after seeing them become a parent, I would absolutely love to hear about it.

Now, to leave la-la land and get back to unpacking.  If I expect to have my mom over for dinner tomorrow night, I've not only got to unpack the kitchen, but the living/dining room as well!  Looks like I gotta get to it :)  Night bloggies.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

18 week Pregnancy Reflection!

 Trying to keep up with the weekly/every-so-often pregnancy updates because they're my favorite (read my previous one here):

How far along?:  Today I'm eighteen weeks & five days pregnant what I am still sure is a girl. (We will HOPEFULLY find out for sure at our ultrasound appointment on Monday!)

Size of the baby:  Our baby is about the size of a MANGO this week!

About 6 inches & .5 lbs!

I am feeling:  SO wiped out during the day, especially in the afternoon!  This is most likely because I'm having a hard time falling asleep at night.  Today I'm not feeling very good but I hope once I get some peace of mind tomorrow that I'll be feeling better.  I'm actually going to see my OB tomorrow afternoon-- I wasn't supposed to see her until after my U/S appointment Monday, but today I had a scare and had some spotting so she is having me come in tomorrow just to check everything out.  EDIT: Everything at my appointment today went fine and there is nothing to worry about! :)

Total weight +/-:   Right now I've gained a total of +7.2 lbs.  I have DEFINITELY begun to show much more these days.  I'm finally to the point where people feel comfortable saying, "Omg! You have a baby bump!"  -- even the people who weren't sure if I was pregnant or not before now! :)  I love it.

Movement:  I feel flutters, vibrations, and little bumps from the baby lately.  I am so unsure of the movements, though, that I always question it afterwards.  I am still looking forward to the days where there is no question about feeling my baby's movement.  Even more, I can't WAIT for Tony to feel the baby moving.  He has been so impatient waiting for that.  :)  This past appointment the baby's heartbeat was a strong and steady 155 bpm.

What I miss most:  I really don't miss a whole lot these days.  But-- I do miss worrying less about bodily functions and I miss being able to sleep on my back/tummy without any worries or discomfort.  I also miss being able to drink casually; mostly, I am craving a margarita from Chili's!!!! Ahhh... first time I've craved something I absolutely can't have.

What I'm excited about:  Our appointment MONDAY!  I just cannot wait to see our baby again and to hopefully find out what we are having.  I'm also so excited to start registering after we know and so excited to set up our nursery!!!! 

Cravings:  Deli sandwiches!!! I've been having a lot of Subway & Hungry Hobo.  I've been craving some chocolate here lately, as well!  Which works out perfect because today at Walgreens (with a coupon) I scored 3 crunch bars for a total of $.49!  (Which means they were $.16 each!!!!)

Hopefully I'll return tomorrow with cheerful news! :)  Have a great week, bloggies!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hello anyone who will listen. :)

Things I've learned so far this week....

  • Much to my dismay and despite what I believed prior to this week, pregnancy really isn't glamorous.  My body is really... responding? on the outside... to all the changes that are happening inside -- and it's just not always pretty.  (And that's all I will say about that!)
  • Even though my nausea is still present, it HAS lessened; something I need to keep reminding myself so I can be thankful for that.  And even though nausea is still around, my appetite has really picked up.  Tony came home today and saw what I had eaten so far in the day and he said, "Well, somebody was hungry!" :)  I think he was mostly happy because there are some days he comes home from work and I will have only eaten a few bites of something all day (and that stuff worries him).
  • Craving all things caramel this week; soft caramel chews, Werther's candies, caramel apple cider, and Snickers ice cream bars!
  • I've been SO freaking addicted to the Twilight Saga since the new trailer came out.  (Here's the link in case you care to indulge yourself.)  I've been non-stop listening to the three soundtracks and watching all three movies-- one after the next.  Too bad I've already packed away the books or else I'd start re-reading those.  Breaking Dawn part one comes out 8 days after my birthday and I honestly can't wait to see it.  Only about 60 more days!!!
  • Moving is not easy.  This is NOT a new observation.  I don't know how we'll be ready to start moving by Friday.  That means we've got TWO DAYS to get crap out of the way so we can get all the big, heavy things out on Friday while we have the help to do so.  (So so SO very thankful to my Uncle for always offering all he has to help us out!)  We just took an overwhelming amount of things to Goodwill today and as great as it felt to get rid of so much, it also makes my heart pretty heavy.
  • I've got the first wave of our thank you letters out and it feels really great.  I gave Tony a chunk of them to do and sadly, he hasn't done so well.  I may have to do them for him.  After all, I do work a LOT less hours than he does.  I guess I was just trying to be diplomatic.
  • I realize that both Tony and I are BEYOND obsessed with TV.  That is most obvious the week all the shows start back.  It's pretty bad trying to follow all these different shows and sitting on the couch all evening.  (Especially when you are supposed to be packing!)
Alrighty, I've gotta go get some sleep for work in the morning.  I'm sure I could write random thoughts until we all fall asleep, but I will resist!  :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Love letters

I was going through old e-mails and I came across a bunch of old e-mails from Tony that have made me smile, laugh, and some make me want to cry!  I forget how freaking lucky I am to be with someone who cares about me so much and who always has.  I just hope I can treat him the way he ought to be treated so he knows that I am the luckiest person in the world to be with him!  Well, the point of writing all this is that I want to share with you some funny and sweet things I came across.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I have!

August 19, 2003:

"Your the best and you make life just that much more enjoyable! =) "

August 22, 2003:

"Im the freakin luckiest guy in the world.....cuz I'm #1 on your list.......thats better then anything I can think of! I would pick you over a trillion dollars anyday. I would pick you over a Dodge Viper....I would pick you over any other girl or 2 or 3 for that matter!! =) Your just the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am so proud to have you and to be with you!"

August 5, 2004:

"i would give up my life for you!!!!"

February 1, 2007:

"Your the sweetest girl i've ever met and there is nobody out there that could replace you in my heart."

It's even better when I get out all the notes I have kept from him over the years... but this will have to do for now. :)  It makes me so happy to look back on even the smallest things he has said to me; it all means the world to me.  I hope I am lucky enough to get many more years with him by my side!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


 On tonight's menu:

  • Taco Soup
  • Cheesy Ranch Potato Bake
  • Caramel Apple Cider
I've made weight watchers Taco Chili before and the Taco Soup recipe I'm using tonight is a very close match - just a few, small differences and wanted to try something a little different.  I've started cooking potatoes and starting on the soup now!  I plan to post the recipes for each new thing I try tonight with the changes I've made to each one, so expect an update in a few hours!  I think I am most excited for the caramel apple cider we'll be having after dinner-- maybe before dinner if I decide I can't wait that long! :)

edit 8:06pm

LOVE the soup recipe! It's more of a chili... but seriously, delicious!  And I like it better than the WW Taco Chili I posted earlier. 

"Taco Soup"
  • Onion
  • Green Pepper
  • lb. of hamburger
  • 1/2 packet of taco seasoning
  • 2 cans of beans -- drained and rinsed (I used 1 chili & 1 kidney but you could use black beans or pinto or whatever!)
  • can of corn
  • can of Rotel (I got the chunky kind-- YUM!)
  • 1 can diced tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup salsa (Might use a bit more next time?)
  • 3/4 cup water (You can add more or less, depending on the consistency you like.)

    I started by chopping and then sauteing the onion and green pepper in a bit of olive oil.  Then I added the meat to brown it.  Drained the grease & then added the 1/2 packet of taco seasoning.  In a pot I added that mixture and then the rest of the ingredients.  I let it simmer for a few hours because the longer it simmers, the better it tastes.  It would be ready after simmering for about 20 minutes, though.  We topped it with sour cream and cheese and it was DELICIOUS.

    "Cheesy Ranch Potato Bake"

    • 6-7 russet potatoes
    • 2 tsp. chili powder
    • 1 tsp. salt
    • 1/2 tsp. ground black pepper
    • 2 TBSP. butter (I added about 4 TBSP and it was too greasy- so don't make that mistake!)
    • 8oz. package of shredded Colby Jack cheese blend
    • 8oz. of Ranch dressing
    I started by scrubbing the potatoes under cold water with a rough Brillo pad and then poked holes in the potato (about 12 holes in each one - you can do this with a fork).  In a big bowl I then coated the potatoes in olive oil and topped them with a bit of salt.  I put the potatoes directly on the rack in the oven with a baking sheet on the shelf underneath to catch the drippings.  I cooked them for an hour at 350.  After that I cut the potatoes a bit and put them into the crockpot with the remaining ingredients on low for about 2 hours.  Like I said, I wasn't thrilled because it was TOO greasy... but everything else was right so I think it'd be much better without as much butter!

    "Caramel Apple Cider"

    • 12oz. apple cide
    • 1.5 TBSP. caramel sauce (additional caramel for topping)
    • Whipped cream for topping
    • Small pinch of salt (optional)
    I am SO excited to try this after our dinner settles.  The instructions are as follows: Heat cider on the stovetop or microwave until it's steaming.  Pour into large mug.  Stir in caramel.  Top with whipped cream & drizzle additional caramel.  If you want, add the pinch of salt to the top.  (Serves one.) 

    Let me know if you try any or all of the recipes and what you think or would do differently!  Hope you enjoy! :)

    Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    Sixteen week Pregnancy Reflection

    Hey guys!  I've been wanting to keep track of my pregnancy in a clearer way (more like a pregnancy journal with different prompts) so here we go!

    How far along?: Today I am sixteen weeks & four days pregnant with what I am sure is a girl.  (But we don't find out for sure until October 3-- twenty more days!)

    Size of the baby: The baby is the size of a TURNIP right now.

     About 5 inches & 5 ounces.

    I am feeling: Lately, I have been feeling less pukey and found that I've had a little extra motivation and energy - but not much, and it truly depends on the day.  Today I feel completely wiped out, even after a two hour or so nap midday.  On top of that, my back is really sore.  I am sure it's from picking up the babies all day at work.  I'm also feeling so guilty because of the exhaustion; I feel like I don't contribute very much to our family right now and that truly is not a good feeling.  I want to do more but it seems like every time I try to do so, I end up getting tired and falling asleep.

    Total weight +/-:  As of my last doctors visit (which was last week), I am +5 right now.  It's kinda cool to have started to gain the pregnancy weight (minus the stretch marks... yep... on my butt!) because like I said a few posts ago, I was losing weight because of the nausea & vomiting.  I am definitely, strictly, in maternity pants.  I can fit into some of my regular pants/jeans, but the elastic around the waist is way too uncomfortable and my jeans don't zip or button at all.  I still wear my regular t-shirts and shirts - or at least the ones that don't look stupid with the new bump.  And from this point on, it's recommended to gain about a pound a week - so that's what I'll be hoping for.

    Movement:  I am PRETTY sure I felt the baby moving around Saturday night at 4:30 p.m. mass!  The music and singing had just started and as soon as I joined in the singing I felt a series of flutters (felt just like a butterfly) in my belly and of course, I am hoping it was the baby and not gas or anything.  That's all I've felt so far and I can't wait for the time when I distinctly and hands-down feel the baby move.  :)

    What I miss most:  I miss being able to do what I want without having to think twice.  I miss Zumba class.  I miss being able to sleep comfortably and I miss not getting up to pee a million times.

    What I'm excited about:  I'm excited to move next weekend and to start turning what has been "the guest bedroom" in our minds into the baby's nursery!  I'm excited to start registering with Tony and I'm getting so excited at the thought of the family/friends shower up here that my family has been talking about having at Christmastime!  (What a beautiful time of year!!!)  I'm excited about so much these days -- ESPECIALLY excited to get another glimpse of our sweet baby in a few weeks and to find out what we are having!

    Cravings:  Well, definitely craved the taco potato from Hungry Hobo today because it's taco Tuesday (they're only $2.99 on Tuesday) so we had those for dinner.  I'm excited to make those again at home once it starts getting cooler out.  (I'll have to share the recipe I use once I decide to make it!)  I've also been craving the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks but thankfully it hasn't been cool enough for them lately... I'm trying so hard not to give in!  Beyond that, I can't really think of any other cravings I've been having.  I'll keep you posted, though.

    Beyond that...
    • I went to the gym for a quick workout for the first time in months last night.  It went okay but my body didn't really enjoy it too much.  I wasn't in pain, just definitely going to have to introduce my body back into working out.  
    • I babysit two of my favorite kiddos this weekend and I am really excited about it.  It seems like I haven't babysat anybody in while.  (Which was nice because while I was feeling so crummy at first it was really hard to take care of little ones and give them my full attention when all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch!)
    • I've started to eat more fruits in the morning and it feels really good doing that so I hope I can keep it up.
    • I've been thinking about talking to Tony and bringing back Friday Date Night In!  We used to do this and each of us would exchange turns "hosting" the date nights and it was so much fun being creative and doing sweet things for each other.  I would definitely love to start after we move.
    • Just found out that now Nordstroms ships free all the time.  And, I just discovered the adorable baby Tom's.  So, I am going to order some of those after we find out the sex!
    Hopefully next time I'll have something more interesting to write about!  :)

    Friday, September 9, 2011

    16 weeks & counting!

    Today I'm 16 weeks pregnant and really starting to feel pregnant since my tummy has really started to stick out way more than before.  People I know pretty well are commenting on the baby bump and I get so excited when they do because I look pregnant instead of just bloated! 

    15 weeks & 5 days pregnant!

    Over Labor Day weekend Tony and I went to Nashville to visit my sister (Amanda) and brother-in-law (John) & their little puppy, Sammy!  My other sister (Ashley) who lives in Chattanooga came to visit for a few days too.  It was SO MUCH fun being with them around the clock... it really felt like the old days when we all lived under the same roof.  One of the days we were there Amanda took us to a local farmer's market and nearly passed out!  I'm not sure if it was the heat or the fact that I hadn't eaten or drank water yet in the day - but I've never felt like that before.  I had just ordered lunch at the BBQ place at the market when all of a sudden everything around me looked super bright and neon colored, my hearing was severely muffled, I was super hot & sweaty all of a sudden and I just felt like I was gonna hit the floor.  I told Tony what was going on and he had me go sit down.  It took a few minutes for me to feel back to normal but once I started downing the ice water they brought me I started to cool down and feel normal again.  I hope that doesn't happen again anytime soon because it really freaked me out.

    Besides that moment, the trip went so well and was a total blast.  We ate at this amazing country diner called Loveless Cafe with delicious southern dishes and it was just perfect.  William Fichtner (from Armageddon) was waiting for a table while we were there and everybody was buzzing about a celebrity being there, although, from what I gather it's quite often that they get famous people dining there!  But still, how often do you walk RIGHT past a celebrity?!  It was awesome.  We went there our last night so it was seriously a perfect ending to a perfect week.

    Today, we get to see our baby again via ultrasound!  We're BEYOND excited for it.  And we also found out this week that my appointment for next month is scheduled for Monday, October 3... that will be my 19-20 week check-up so we will have another ultrasound then to find out the sex of the baby!!!!  (What do you think it'll be - a boy or girl?!)

    In addition to that exciting news, we are moving two weeks from today!  WAHOO!!!  I'm just starting to go through our belongings and figure out what crap we can stand to get rid of in the next few weeks because moving is a pain in the butt!  It didn't help much today that I went to a bunch of yard sales with my gramma because I brought home a stroller ($8), a nightstand ($3), and two pairs of maternity pants ($.75) instead of getting rid of things!  My gramma also bought several cheap baby items (mostly clothes) anywhere from $.25-$.50 a piece.  What stinks is not knowing whether we are buying for a boy or girl, but we'll soon (hopefully) be figuring that out!!!  Anyways, my gramma has a thing for washing clothes so she took all the baby clothes home to wash and is gonna hold them for me until after the move.  I found some Disney shirts for the baby as well as some Cubs shirts, too.  And of course, lots of adorable onesies and other baby clothes.  So now I'm here, waiting for the afternoon ultrasound appointment and ready for a nap!  I'll hopefully have an update later with a picture of the baby for you all to see!  It's terrible; I am already so quick to show the baby off!  I'll leave you with a funny quote I came across:
    If men were equally at risk from this condition - if they knew their bellies might swell as if they were suffering from end-stage cirrhosis, that they would have to go nearly a year without a stiff drink, a cigarette, or even an aspirin, that they would be subject to fainting spells and unable to fight their way onto commuter trains - then I am sure that pregnancy would be classified as a sexually transmitted disease and abortions would be no more controversial than emergency appendectomies.  ~Barbara Ehrenreich

    Edit: 6:08pm

    We just got home from our afternoon appointment and here is the newest picture of little baby Duggan!

    Baby at 16 weeks :)