Thursday, December 19, 2013

Currently {link up} x12!

This weeks prompts are {baking, loving, missing, craving, laughing}

I really haven't been baking much of anything lately.  I baked a coffee cake mix that my mother-in-law sent me a while back and I don't know how but I did it wrong.  It turned out hard as a rock!  Such a sad moment when I threw the whole pan of it away.

I'm craving some time with my husband.  Only six more days until this is a possibility!!!  I'm also craving (of all things) Hershey chocolate bars.  I love the miniature bars we have had left over from Halloween.  Presley has been craving the usual for her... CHEESE!  If I would let her, she would have cheese in all forms for each meal.  She especially loves cheese sticks!  She has been very picky with what food she chooses to eat now that it's hard to not give her things with cheese in them all the time.  She never used to be picky so this phase has still been difficult for me to navigate.

I am absolutely loving the fact that I am moving to a town with a huge, beautiful Disney store!!!!  Not only does this mean I get to window shop and for real shop at a Disney store whenever I'd like... but it also means I could potentially work for the Disney company!!!  Oh yes... you better believe once we get settled that I will pursue any type of job there.

Just got done laughing at my plans.  Back in February I jotted down motivations to start saving money in the notepad of my iPhone.  I just came across it tonight and it made me smile:

Things to be saving for: 
•House (tentatively Summer 2013)
•Disney vacation (tentatively Winter 2014)
•Baby #2 (tentatively Fall 2015)
Things are a little out of order/somewhat off... but for the most part, we still have the same aspirations!  We will hopefully be buying a home Winter/Spring 2014, baby #2 Summer 2014, and... well... a Disney vacation might not be a possibility until 2016 or later!!!  But that's okay because we will have enough keeping us busy and delighted right at home.
Currently, I am really missing out on that holiday spirit.  We haven't decorated because of the move and our family isn't getting together until this weekend for Christmas.  We aren't in a position to do any holiday shopping for anyone.  Not to mention, Tony, Presley, and I haven't been together as a family since Thanksgiving.  So thus far, it has not felt remotely like Christmas to me.  I can't wait for it to sink in, hopefully this weekend.  I'm so excited to spend time with my cousins, mom, aunts, uncles and grandparents on my mom's side of the family.  I can't tell you the last time I was with all of them at once!!!  (It has been too long.)  I am looking forward to making a few more memories with them before our big move.  And goodness gracious, I know Presley will have a blast!  I can't wait to see how her and Emory play together!!! 

That's a peek at what we've been up to lately and a few snapshots of my little goose!  Hope everyone is running around spreading lots of cheer :)  And if not, hopefully we can get into the seasonal spirit here soon!  Cheers.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Currently {link up} x11!

This week the prompts are {enjoying, buying, forgetting, drinking, anticipating}

It is naptime in our house and I am really, thoroughly enjoying it.  I enjoy the quiet moments to myself to do things just myself.  I like the two-or-so hours in the middle of the day to focus on whatever it is I need/want to focus on.  Right now, that would be relaxing and writing.

Presley and I just got back from buying groceries.  This included disposable dishes and silverware.  I want to start washing and packing our dishes and silverware so the kind you can use and toss sounds PERFECT right now.

Currently drinking a black tea lemonade (with half the pumps of sweetener) from Starbucks.  We went to visit Santa today at Starbucks and of course I just had to buy a drink, too!  It's delicious and one of the few things I order from there.  My former boss from Build-A-Bear in Collierville is the one who got me hooked on this drink... THANK YOU, PAULA!

On the way to see SANTA!

The aftermath of the first attempt to see Santa. She liked Santa until I sat her on his lap and then she started screaming "Mommy!" and crying! So we went to go get a tea for me and water for her before trying again.

Me & Presley's drinks sitting on top of the car while I buckled her in.  Snowy day!

This is the final product.  Not the best picture by any means, but it's the best we could do!
Such a beautiful, sweet girl.

Anticipating... hmmm... so many things!  First, I am anticipating this move and all the troubles that lie ahead.  I know it's going to be so much work, money, and waiting... but I just hope it'll be ALL worth it when things are said & done!  We literally have amazing (and crazy might I add) friends who are helping with this huge move in so many ways and it brings tears to my eyes because I can't imagine how we would do it otherwise.  We are so lucky.  I am also really anticipating seeing my husband again in about 11 more days.  I am very much looking forward to the possibility of sleeping in!!!  I am looking forward to hugging him and seeing him all the time and giving him a huge kiss! :)  It's not ideal being apart but again, it will be worth it.  I'm anticipating owning a home SOON (I hope!) and starting our lives in a new way.

I'm not really forgetting anything this week... I guess I am forgetting how important it is to PACK whenever I can... but honestly, sometimes it just feels like too much!  Taking care of myself and Presley seems like it takes 99.9% of my energy most days.

Last night a friend from middle school and high school who was in my little sisters class passed away.  I didn't sleep very well and to be honest for the longest time I didn't even try to sleep.  Dallas' passing seemingly (to me) happened out of the blue and to know that this sweet person was living just a few hours ago and is now no longer... it is just overwhelmingly heartbreaking.  Dallas Simms was 23 years old and he was such a talented musician and way, way, way too young to die.  Here is a sample of how beautiful his voice was and how incredibly gifted he was:

It just gets to me so much.  I will be thinking of him and his friends and family... all the classmates who got to know him from Southwind & Germantown.  I hope that wherever he is, he has peace.  Life can be really tough and challenging and seemingly unfair in times such as these.  Dallas, you are so loved and missed by everybody and you will not ever be forgotten.  Thanks for always being so friendly and funny... we could use more people just like you.

Don't ever hesitate to show love and to give love to everyone.  It is something so many of us are starved for these days.  Tell your friends why you love them and let your family know you appreciate them.  You never know when your day will come or when those you love will leave.  Not to mention, everyone is out there struggling with something and most are struggling in silence.  If we make a conscious effort to be loving and supportive of our friends, family members, and strangers then we have the opportunity and privilege to lessen their burden.  And you may be the only person others come in contact with who makes an impact.  So go out of your way to be helpful if you can.  Go out of your way to be genuine.  Go out of your way to make someone forget about the things that make them sad and frustrated.  Go out of your way.

R.I.P. Dallas Jacob Simms 
photo credit Tyler Berretta

Friday, December 13, 2013

From One to Two.

Just started to feel so emotional and actually (for the first time ever) guilty to be stripping Presley of her only child status.

That's an awful feeling.  I read a list of things to do in the last few weeks of pregnancy (FANTASTIC list) and the last point brought tears to my eyes.

Am I being selfish for wanting another baby so soon?  Did I consider Presley in the equation heavily enough and in the right ways? 

28.5 months will separate Presley from her younger sibling.  Two years, four and a half months.  Is that enough time with just our Presley? 

I just feel like somehow I am cheating Presley.  Of what, I'm not sure.  Alone time?  Sole focus?  I haven't put my finger on it yet.

It's not like we're shipping her off to the circus when the baby comes.  It's not like she won't still be our baby.  It's not like we will love her any less than before.  So, knowing these things and thinking them through rationally, why do I still feel like this?

I've heard moms say they felt the same way before they had their second child and therefore I know I'm not alone in these irrational thoughts and feelings and I have also heard they are fleeting in the grand scheme.  But for right now, I'm really feeling this.  I have perspective and I know that everything will be okay... it's not that I'm worried nothing will ever be okay or the same and that the sun won't shine... it's not like that whatsoever.  I just feel like I am letting something go... being a family of three, I guess.  And tonight, it makes me sad.


I'm so thankful to have a safe spot to come to with all my thoughts, fears, joys, etc. and not feel judged.  So very thankful.  Any and all insight - as always - is appreciated.  But more than anything, I just wanted to share my feelings.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pros & Cons: Gender Reveal

When we were pregnant with Presley, there was absolutely no way that I wanted to wait to find out if I was having a boy or girl.  At our 20 week ultrasound our baby wasn't cooperating and we left without knowing what we were having.  That was EXTREMELY frustrating.  Our expectations going into the appointment were very high and very clear: we were going to find out the gender no matter what.  So when that didn't happen, we paid out of pocket to find out later in the week.  Although we only had to wait a few days... it was VERY SLOW & painful not knowing!  Of course, everything is different when you are experiencing it for the first time.  More intense.  There are so many unknown things you have yet to experience!  At least that's how I felt the first time around.

So, I will attempt to write out pros/cons of revealing my baby's gender before s/he is born.

Finding Out
  • We will know what to expect.  For example, we have tons and tons of baby girl clothing that we could reuse is baby 2 is a girl.  If we find out we are having a boy during the pregnancy we will have more time to acquire boy clothing!
  • Also, we will be able to more realistically make decisions for the future of our baby depending on their gender.  (For example, circumcision.)  I know we will prepare ourselves whether we find out the gender or not, but it would just really cement it in my mind how important these decisions are for us.
  • The excitement we get to feel for the last half of the pregnancy once we know what we are having!  Not to mention, the extra chance to begin bonding with the baby even deeper.
  • When we finally found out with Presley that we were having a girl it was such a special moment!  Which would be an even more intense, special moment if we wait until his/her birth to find out... but that is such a special moment regardless of when you find out!
  • We can really begin to narrow down names!
Presley at our "gender reveal" appointment... only we didn't find that day!

  • Surprises are sorta magical!
  • Waiting for that amazing moment when the doctor gets to tell you after you've just birthed your baby... "It's a.... !"  And thus... this would be some major, kick-ass motivation during the toughest moments of labor.
  • Baby 2 might be our last baby (if it were up to Tony) so it would be nice to have a new experience with this pregnancy in waiting to find out.
  • No opportunity for misjudgment!  You hear of people who "100%" find out the gender of their baby, just to be shocked when it differs at birth!!!  This way, we are looking at baby in REAL time and there is no mistaking then!

I love Sarah's reason (and encouragement) for waiting so much and thought I would share it as well!

What it comes down to isn't really a HUGE amount of pros for either side... it just comes down to how strongly we feel about each pro!  I bolded the two pros I feel most strongly about.  After having PPD the first time around, a huge motivation in finding out beforehand is the extra chance to begin bonding with this babe early on.  (Not that I wouldn't be able to bond without knowing if it is a him or her... but it IS different when you know what to expect.)  But then there is the huge motivation to wait in knowing that would help me through the toughest moments in labor and delivery!

Time will tell what we decide... but I am dying to hear what you guys think: Would you find out what you were having if you had the opportunity?  Or would you wait?  And why??  Are there any pros that I've left off?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's that time again!


Oh, did you catch that?!  I'm 9 weeks pregnant with baby 2!!!  Which is VERY EXCITING!  I can't wait to start this journey again and to do it as a family of 3 this time around.  The morning sickness (aka, all day sickness) is definitely in full swing but seems to be getting more bearable.  We certainly aren't taking anything for granted and count our lucky stars that God would bless us with another tiny human to call our own.  Presley is going to be such a rock star big sister and I can't wait until she realizes what's going on!!!

***Also wanted to say a special HELLO to my beautiful Gramma Myers who reads my blog from Florida!!! Hi Gramma!!  What do you think of the big news?!  You will be a GREAT Gramma times FOUR come July!!!!  I love you!*** 

The pregnancy is another reason why I haven't been huge into blogging lately... I have so much to say but couldn't say it yet so HERE IT IS!  Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happies & Crappies {link up}

Every time I think I will be permanently back into blogging something throws a wrench into my little plan!  What is it this time?  Well, we are in the middle of packing up our house!  Yes, that's right... time to move on to the next place.  In this case, we are making a move from the Midwest to the Midsouth.  It's a fairly involved process at this point since we don't have everything mapped out yet... so we may end up with our stuff in storage for a while before figuring out WHERE we are going {exactly}.  But for now, Tony and I are separated by nearly 600 miles.  So, for the time-being, Presley and I are trying to keep ourselves busy!

Just wanted to bring everybody up to speed on what's going on before I declare my weekly happies & crappies!

  • Reading articles about Walt Disney World make me so happy!  I just recently read one about the 5 must have Disney snacks you can score without even purchasing a park ticket.  I love getting the inside scoop about all things WDW-related!  And that article really reminded me of our last "Disney" trip that we took in July.  I put it in quotation marks because we didn't buy any park tickets or visit the parks... just downtown Disney & the pier and we had a blast.  I imagine trying to have the full Disney experience with a youngster would be overwhelming right now anyways.  Back to the list... I can't believe we haven't experienced Dole Whip... that is definitely on the Disney "bucket list" I've got going.
  • It's finally December!  Presley and I are going to have our first Santa visit this week when we head to Chick-Fil-A to visit Santa Cow like we did last year.  I can't wait to see how she reacts this time around.
  • Scandal (my favorite show) is new this week!
  • Saw Catching Fire with my sisters last week and it was INCREDIBLE... even better than I could have imagined.  I want to see it again so bad but I may just have to settle for rereading the series.  Again.
  • We got to do a lot of cool things over the last two weeks.  We stayed with my sister, brother-in-law, and niece in Nashville for a week and spent a lot of time together!  After that we headed to Memphis to spend time with Tony & some friends and family and it was wonderful.  We visited the Nashville Zoo, had two family Thanksgivings, and got to be there for our godson's 5th birthday party (I think the first birthday we've been able to be there for!)
  • Lots of uninterrupted Presley and Mommy time.
Presley and Mommy :)

Presley and her cousins Lexi & Bobby at Gus's Fried Chicken in Southaven

Presley and her cool aunts

Got to see some family we love so much

They loved their joint bathtime each night

Excited to go see the animals

Uncle John, Presley, and Anne Marie at the Nashville Zoo

  • Packing is a lot more fun when your husband is there to suffer through it with you.
  • Lots of uninterrupted Presley and Mommy time.  (yes... this is both a happy and crappy!)
  • Presley having diarrhea on top of everything else going on.  She's currently on the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet in order to help things along but after nearly a week of this... it is getting tough around here.  I've talked to her nurses at the pediatricians office and they say it's just something to overcome at home.  So hopefully it'll clear up ASAP.  In the meantime, lots of fluids and bathtimes!
  • I'm still breastfeeding and therefore, what Presley has, I have.  Thus, I haven't been feeling too great lately.  I am hoping this will pass for me very quickly as well.
  • I miss having my partner here for all kinds of things.  So many props to military families, long distance families, widows, divorcees, and single parents.

Trying to stick to positive thinking... so I am not going to hunt down too many "crappy" thoughts.  Plus, it's naptime here so I'm gonna go get a few things packed before she wakes up!  Thanks for sticking around and I appreciate everybody who has been keeping us in their thoughts and prayers and for those of you who keep checking in on me.  It's at these times when you feel a little bit weak that you realize who cares for you.  And it really means the world to me.

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