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Top 5 Friday.

I'm so excited for ThanksgivingSlapsgiving this year.  I'll give you a few reasons:  Amanda, John, Jojo, Ashley, Sage, Sammy, Annie & Matthew!  Not to mention: KATNISS.  Yes... totally gonna geek out at the new Mockingjay movie with some Hunger Games shirts - I am so excited.  I love when we get together for the holidays! And I am bringing my favorite jug wine again!  Last time we got started on the wine, part of dinner got burnt by our tipsy chef (which was somehow hilarious) and we took pictures in the snow.  I know... wild and crazy.  Even crazier is that it's been almost FIVE YEARS since then.  No telling what kinda shenanigans will happen this time.  Did I mention how excited I am?!

So that was Christmas five years ago... where was I on Thanksgiving five years ago, you ask?  Florida with my Gramma Myers (and Amanda, Sammy and John).  I've been thinking of Gramma a bunch lately with Thanksgiving drawing near... I miss her and wish I could spend…