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Baby 3.0: 18 Weeks + Placenta Banking

We've made it to the 18 week mark already. I'm still not feeling that-was-without-a-doubt-a-kick movements yet and yes, that makes me a bit nervous. I've heard two schools of thought: one, since you've had multiple pregnancies that you should feel kicks sooner since you know how to recognize them or two, you might end up feeling/recognizing kicks later in the pregnancy seeing as you're busier with two kids unlike your previous pregnancies. I'm going with the second! Plus, I looked to see how I was around this time in my second pregnancy and read I hadn't felt any kicks yet and I was worried back then, too. Even still, I'll probably end up calling my doctor's office for some reassurance on Monday.

As far as cravings/aversions go, coffee has really disgusted me lately. Normally I look forward to coffee every morning so this is a bit sad for me. Any craving I've had so far hasn't been very healthy - Taco Bell soft tacos, hot Cheetos, a big jui…

Baby 3.0: Sixteen Weeks

Nothing too exciting has been happening - not seeing or feeling any baby kicks yet. We're well out of the first trimester woods and I am so grateful the all day nausea has subsided. My energy is slowly coming back! Thank goodness! Though by the end of the night I have no trouble falling right to sleep and if you know me very well, you know I usually have sleep difficulties at night. And during Molly's nap time every afternoon I am struggling to keep my eyes open. My sweet Pres usually lets me get in a little cat nap... anything as long as she doesn't have to go nap herself!

We are 3.5 weeks away from my next appointment... this is THE big one... the ultrasound appointment where we will likely find out the gender of this babe. I keep feeling pulled in both directions - it really would be exciting to find out what we're having in the delivery room but it would be so comforting knowing beforehand what to expect! (Tony has no desire to leave it as a surprise.) And of cour…