Gramma Myers.

I wish there was more time. Even with 88 years on this earth, I still wish there were more time. The world was better and brighter with her in it. Somehow more right. Gramma Myers was funny and witty and smart and kind and snarky and generous and sassy and fun and tough. She's the kind of person who gave us savings bonds for gifts throughout childhood because she saw we had more than enough clothes and toys. Gramma is also the one who encouraged me to draw and to write as a child. I can remember her giving me a diary, telling me about journaling, and encouraging me to write. And later in life when I started blogging she shared with me how much she enjoyed each one and asked me to have them emailed to her every time one was posted. She's the Gramma who would send us calling cards way back when you needed them in order to call long distance because she always wanted us to have a way to contact her.

She was the kind of person who didn't mind telling you when she disagreed or…

Marriage Monday: Don't Underestimate the Day Date!

I just had the best Monday I've had in a long time.

Tony surprised me with a day date and we rode Bird scooters around Memphis today! It. Was. So. Fun.

To say I was intimidated up front is an understatement. Though I LOVE trying new things, this was totally out of my comfort zone! Having to ride alongside traffic made me nervous at first. Riding a scooter takes balance while riding an electric scooter takes balance and timing and it's kinda scary to go that fast!!! But also SUPER fun.

We started in Midtown and decided on a whim to ride all the way Downtown, get a late lunch at Huey's, and then ride them back. Truly the only downside (besides me being clumsy the entire time) was my scooter dying halfway back in an area of town that didn't have any scooters! It took us a little bit to track another one down during a super hot part of the day and of course Tony was a complete gentleman and insisted I take his scooter and he would run alongside me which was so sweet. I tr…

Marriage Monday: 8 years ago.

Tony and I got married at the Rock Island County Courthouse on a Friday morning eight years ago.

We didn't tell any friends or family we were planning to do this... mostly because we were in the middle of planning our wedding that would happen in less than a year. We "got married on paper" so that I could have his health insurance because I was going through some minor health stuff back then.  It was a very quick exchange of words mostly read unfeelingly to us by a judge. It felt really surreal.

Tony and I came up in the digital age and didn't realize these types of things were printed in the local paper regularly. Which is something my Gramma reads every day, apparently. So you can imagine my surprise when my Gramma asked when we were planning to tell her we got married!

So while I will always consider May 20th our anniversary and the day we got married... August 20th is a funny little special day I like to remember every year, too. Because it's the day I becam…

30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me: Dear Sixteen Year-Old Me...

A while back I stumbled upon a list of writing prompts (here) and I thought it was a brilliant way to write more while also giving my kids something substantial to read from me. I lost my dad without getting to know him as a person and I would really give anything to have pieces of him. So, despite how narcissistic it can often times feel to write about myself, I'm doing this for my kiddos. Slowly but surely, that is, because this will only be the second prompt completed here. (You can find them above at the "For My Kids" page)

Today I'm here to tell my 16 year-old self 10 things - so here we go.

01. Friends will come and go.

This was a really painful lesson for me as I lost a lot of friends throughout high school whether someone moved, graduated, grew apart, or due to bad decisions. Each loss felt devastating at the time. It wasn't until quite some time later when I realized it was OK and normal to grow apart from people throughout your life. The thing that real…

Marriage Monday: Success In Marriage

When I was in high school I found a lot of comfort in reading the words of other people. I started my own quote book and I filled it with the most meaningful quotes and lyrics I came across. Reading it now is pretty hilarious... there are a few gems that still stand but most of it is so dramatic. However, I had a Reader's Digest book of Quotable Quotes that I would pour over and often times mark my favorites. I haven't cracked open this book in quite some time but I came across it on my bookshelf and pulled it out. I read through several pages the other day and marked ones that stuck out to me and among them was this one...

Almost no one is foolish enough to imagine that he automatically deserves great success in any field of activity; yet almost everyone believes that he automatically deserves success in marriage.
 --Sydney J. Harris

Let that sink in. To be successful in just about any career it takes major prep work. Sometimes it's going to school for several years and ot…

Bad Mommy. (Crosby: 1.5 year update)

For my first two kids I pretty well kept up with their growth and milestones on my blog. Third kid? Not so much. I can't remember the last time I updated about Crosby. Poor buddy!

So let me tell you a little bit about my buddy, Crosby, these days. He's a solid 20 months old - nearly 21 months - so we are somehow closing in on his second birthday. (HOW?!) And we're still breastfeeding. If it were entirely up to me then we would probably be done with it by now but Crosby is still really attached to nursing. I will - no doubt - miss it when we're done. Or at least parts of it. Like the closeness. And how Crosby automatically comes to me for comfort or a place to fall asleep. I can't wait to have a bit more personal space at the moment... but I know it'll be something I miss down the road.

It seems like Crosby will NEVER be done with "milkies" though. Molly weaned herself around 18-19 months of age and I had to cut Presley off at 23 months due to my preg…

HBD, Dad.

My dad would have entered his sixties today.

Honest question here: What are you really supposed to do to celebrate the birthday of someone you love who has passed away? I ask because I'm honestly curious what other people think about it as well as how others spend those days.

If I were the dead one, I am sure I'd want the people who love and miss me to do something that makes them happy. And also something that makes them think of me. Something that would make other people happy.

This year I thought about it and figured 60 is a pretty monumental birthday. I wanted to do something for my dad's birthday that would honor him & his life... things he would maybe be doing if he were still alive today - mostly things that would bring other people joy because that's what he would be doing if he were still alive.

So I'm actively putting together a list of 60+ things to do for my dad's 60th birthday. Things that will make me happy. Ways to remember my dad... to hono…