Bucket List

01. Take pictures of things/events as I cross them off the list.

02. Consistently work out every day for a month. (0/30)

03. Attend a Dallas Cowboys home game.

04. Get married.

05. Become a mother.
02.20.2012: Meet Miss Presley Rose Duggan
06.30.2014: Meet Miss Molly Lou Duggan

06. Celebrate New Years in Times Square.

07. See a Broadway in New York.

08. Donate my hair.

09. Put away $10 for each completed item. (4/49)

10. Give Blood 10 times. (1/5)
06.25.2011 Annual Marissa Merideth blood drive.

11. Visit ten new zoos. (5/10)
St. Louis Zoo
: Spring 2007, Peoria Zoo: June 2009, Milwaukee Zoo: June 2010, Chattanooga Zoo: Christmas 2010, Nashville Zoo: Christmas 2010

12. Go on a cruise!

13. Wear false eye lashes without looking stupid.

14. Graduate college with Bachelor's Degree.
07.27.2012 FINALLY graduated!

15. Have a bachelorette party and go crazy!
04.20.2011 in Tunica, MS - thank you in-laws!!!

16. Buy a house and make it our home.
03.28.2014 Closed on our house - now to check off the second part!

17. Purchase a brand spankin' new car.
10.13.2012 We are proud owners of a 2013 Honda Fit!

18. Upgrade to a king bed.
03.30.2014 Purchased our new bed set!

19. Join a couple's bible study with my husband.

20. Go without pop for a month - for no one else other than myself. (0/30)

21. Complete a 5k without stopping!

22. Get involved in advocating human rights.

23. Unplug for an entire weekend for no reason.

24. Adopt a dog/save a life.

25. Read Malcom X's autobiography.

26. Go back to school for an additional degree.

27. Get a big girl job and put my degree to use.

28. Leave the US and fully experience another culture, no matter what length of time.

29. Create my own recipe.

30. Have fondue for dinner at home.

31. Go to five "dumpy" local restaurants that look cool. (1/5)
08.26.2011: Smokey's Country Diner in East Moline, IL

32. Go to a work out class.  
became OBSESSED with Zumba in preparation for the wedding.

33. Dress up in a couple's costume for Halloween with Tony.
10.29.2011: Juno & Bleeker

34. Cook our own Thanksgiving feast and host Slapsgiving at our house.

35. Go back to Anna Maria Island with Tony.

36. Reenact famous kissing sailor picture.

37. Start an annual "sisters weekend getaway" with Amanda & Ashley.

38. Plant a flower & veggie garden.

39. Participate in a flash mob.


41. Collect postcards from the all over the world -  places friends and family visit!

42. Make it to an Olympic event!

43. Go on a romantic second honeymoon with the love of my life.

44. Visit another Disney park other than WDW!

45. Run a Disney race!

46. Do something crazy, spontaneous, and romantic with my husband AT LEAST once a year.

47. Write and publish my own book series.

48. See the United States, one State at a time. Layovers & driving through do not count... must experience the State! (13/50)
Pink: Have lived
Blue: Currently living
Green: Have visited

49. Work at a zoo! 
July 2013-November 2013: Niabi Zoo Receptionist (included conducting the Giraffe Encounter!!!) 


  1. If your Juno couples costume doesn't work out, you could always find a 3rd and do Salt, Pepper, and Paprika or Lewis, Clark, and their canoe like on HIMYM! :) -Amanda

  2. Hahaha!!! Too bad that episode didn't air sooner - I could've talked Becca into it!!! Oh well; always next year!

  3. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its salt, pepper, & cumin. so disappointed amanda. & allison for not noticing. -Ashley..duh.

  4. Hahaha, Ashley! I guess Amanda was just thinking of Blue's Clues with Salt, Pepper, & Paprika... hahaha!!! :)

  5. guess i remain the #1 ranked HIMYM fan in this family.
    (nice blues clues reference!) -Ashley


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