Baby 3.0: 30 weeks

29 weeks pregnant with Presley, 30 weeks pregnant with Molly, and 30 weeks pregnant with Crosby
Things on the pregnancy front have still been great lately. Though I'm a few weeks into my third trimester I haven't hit the disparity point yet where you're just ready to be done! I feel pretty huge but honestly not horribly so yet. Sleep is weird lately but I'm still able to get a decent amount. (For example, I've been sleeping upright a lot as well as sleeping with my lamp on... both very weird for me.) My energy is still hanging in there. It's super hot outside but thankfully that hasn't been awful... we just haven't spent a whole lot of time outside this summer. I'm dreading the tail end of a pregnancy where you feel like you lack the ability to move comfortably because this time around I've got two little ones to chase around as well.

This is how I REALLY feel when taking these pictures, sometimes.
All that considered, I do feel like I've been pregnant forever this time around. I suppose that goes with the territory of finding out you're pregnant before you miss your period. I'm also very ready to meet Crosby!!!! I know the girls' excitement is especially influencing me to feel this way. The thing I can't wait for is for the girls to come visit us in the hospital and to see them meet Crosby for the first time. My heart is bursting just thinking about it!!!! And maybe even more than that I can't wait to see Tony be one of the first people to ever hold Crosby and to have that special small amount of time where it's just Tony, Crosby, and me. I've already decided that once I hit the 37 week mark I am going to start making eggplant parmesan at least once a week in hopes that the tall tale that it'll help induce labor is rooted in truth.

One of my recent cravings is the Reese's blizzard from Dairy Queen. I can't even tell you the last time we've been to DQ or even the last time I wanted to go there before now! I had a mini Reese's blizzard this weekend and it was exactly everything I dreamed it would be!! It's also pretty awesome to feel just a tiny bit closer to my dad through this somewhat bizarre craving, seeing as he worked for the DQ company for something like 20 years.

In other news... Tony and I went bowling (I'm pretty sure for the first time SINCE BECOMING PARENTS) with some friends last week and had a blast. I forgot how much of a challenge bowling is! I bowled a 100 so I felt pretty accomplished there and I also got to know two of Tony's coworkers' significant others which was so nice! He always seems to work with some of the best people. And I'm absolutely looking forward to going again. We went to the same bowling alley we used to go to just about every weekend when we were younger.

...and no. I don't think I'll ever be able to stop the reminiscing!

And before that we got to meet sweet baby Carter! Our cousins Shelby & Cory brought him into the world just a few weeks ago. Crosby & Carter will both share the same middle name (which makes sense as it's a family middle name) and they'll be about 2.5 months apart in age! It'll be really awesome to see how both boys are as they grow.

Over the weekend we made a short trip to Nashville to celebrate Anne Marie's 4th birthday. We celebrated at McAlister's and the Discovery Center but I think the kids had the most fun just hanging out at the Carrico house.

The two smallest girls
It is surprisingly difficult to orchestrate a photo like this considering they're all on different schedules (eating, sleeping, potty breaks, etc.) and not to mention they're busy bodies going in all directions!
The two biggest girls 
So incredibly sweet seeing this
Goodbye hugging turned to wrestling
It was a lot of fun but it was all jam-packed into a day and a half. It's great to live close enough to be able to do this one a semi-regular basis and I know no one enjoys it as much as the kids do. As hectic as I always think it'll be to get together with so many little kids, it went really smoothly and we all really did have a great time. Not to mention, every time we visit the Carrico's we get some super yummy meals!!!

It also seems like the only time we'll successfully get a family photo anymore these days is when we're all four in the van.

Um, have I mentioned lately how much we love and appreciate this van?!

And I couldn't finish this blog without including a picture from Molly's most recent mess - which was her getting into my mascara and putting it on her face!

That is a face I can't be mad at right there! Hope everybody has a happy week!!!


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    Oh my goodness I absolutely love this! The kiddos are going to be best friends!


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