Life with a TWO year old.

It's been quite a while since my last Presley update. 

Negotiations are very popular right now... trying to get her to eat, to do something she doesn't want to but has to do, etc.  She has become extremely picky when it comes to eating.  Her new thing is stuffing food in her cheeks and never eating what's in there.  Oh and screaming, crying, and kicking.  For example, we went to Chick-fil-A today for lunch.  She was in SUCH a wonderful mood and ate so great - we celebrated by going to the play area!  After about 15-20 minutes of playing, it was time to head out.  I was coaxing her gently but really, no matter what I said, the tantrum was unavoidable.  Cue the kicking, screaming, and crying in the middle of the restaurant.  I just have to pick her up and force her out of there... which makes me feel and look like I'm stealing someones kid... awesome!

Moments before the breakdown...
 Want to know one area Presley is still a ROCKSTAR at?  Sleeping!

No fits when it comes to naps and bedtime.  We can fluctuate her bedtime and it doesn't affect her and she sleeps for a long time.  Unfortunately, she's starting getting up SUPER early (6:30-7am) no matter what time we put her down!  That is new for me but it is what it is!  Maybe once she's back on a real mattress and in her own room perhaps it will get better... just in time for a new baby to show up and throw a wrench in the sleeping all together!  Ayeeee yii yi

Presley still sleeps with a bunch of her favorite buddies and Tony & I sing to her every night before bed - usually the one her nighttime puppy used to sing before it crapped out and also twinkle twinkle.  We've also added Happy Birthday to her bedtime routine because she just loves that song.  We've also started singing a song about rubbing her hands and feet (to the tune of "row row row your boat") and rub her feet then hands before covering her up.  She LOVES it and it seems to really calm her down before bed.

Presley's currently liking mandarin oranges, chicken, fish sticks, cheese, cheese tortellinis (sometimes), apples (no peel), honey + PB sandwiches (no crust), milk (she's drinking 2% now), chips (oh my word! every flavor!), noodles, corn, green beans, french fries (the only potato she will eat), turkey + cheese sandwich (usually warm), and SOMETIMES cheese pizza... to name a few of the things that we can count on her eating regularly.

She just turned on me with grapes... she has been loving grapes for the longest and now she tells me she will eat them and then doesn't, ever!  

Oh goodness, and Presley has been such a little daredevil lately.  She loves standing up on the arm of the couch at Chris & Kristen's and jumping/falling off onto the couch among other things.  She's fallen off the couch several times lately and I just have to let it happen so she learns.  I can only tell her "no" and ask her to get down and redirect her only so many times.  So, I keep a close eye on her and stay close in case anything goes wrong and let her be the little adrenaline junky she is.

I love having her repeat the baby names we like right now... just hearing her say the name that will potentially belong to her little sister makes my heart melt into a puddle.  I have just two favorite names that I can't get out of my head... and really, if it were up to only me, I would have her name picked out right now because one name sticks out over the rest!  But, we will just have to be patient and keep talking about names together (Tony and I) and see where it leads.

Also?  Presley is starting to look a heck of a lot like her dad right now.  And she loves him in the sweetest ways.  I don't think I'll ever get over the way she runs to the front door when he gets home from work.  Or the way she talks about him throughout the day.  I love our family dynamic and I am so happy we have each other.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it much on the blog, but about a month or so ago Presley and I stopped nursing.  With the pregnancy and sleep changes and everything else going on, it just felt like the right time to stop breastfeeding.  I was 110% ready to be done but once it was over and there was no going back, I did have somewhat of a hard time with letting that part of our relationship go.  I was telling a friend recently that it also had to do with wanting some time between breastfeeding babies.  This way we will have about five months until breastfeeding the next one.  My concern here is that I may have burnt myself out with breastfeeding so long with Presley - I hope that's not the case - but I am mildly concerned with that right now... especially how taxing breastfeeding a newborn can be.  I am encouraged by other mothers telling me how much smoother it went the second time around because you already know what you are doing.  I have every intention and hope of breastfeeding throughout baby 2's first year of life just as I wanted for Presley.  I - CAN - DO - THIS.

SO, this is what life with our two year old looks like lately.  There are so many times throughout the day where I stop and text Tony, "She really is such a sweet girl."  Because she absolutely is.  We have our moments - good and bad - and we're all learning.  I love being a mom, especially to Presley, and I can't imagine where my life would be without her.


  1. Bfing has definitely been easier the second time, and it had been a year since i stopped nursing with Audrey. Since i was experienced, was a lot more confident in how to hold and position Madeline. She is also a good latcher. Combined, we haven't really had any bfing problems... In fact, I feel like I have more milk this time! Chances are very high that you week have the same success!!


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