Baby 3.0: 27 Weeks

Here we are at the 27 week mark... that means just about 12 weeks left if Crosby shows up on the same timeframe that the girls did. Tony is still betting it'll be September 25th and I hope he's right! Though September 20th would be epic and amazing and I would remember it SO MUCH EASIER! (since the March 20th is our dating anniversary, May 20th our wedding anniversary, & February 20th is Presley's birthday) I'm also kinda hoping for September 30th, too, since June 30th is Molly's birthday.

{Left to Right} 27 weeks along with Presley, Molly, and Crosby
It seems INSANE that there is still THREE entire months left... how is that possible? It already seems like I've been pregnant forever.

Crosby-related things:
  • I've been having these reoccurring feelings/worries/thoughts. The first one is the fear that he's not going to make it home. I'm sure this stems from the fact that I literally cannot believe we are having a boy and I'm having such a hard time picturing what that'll be like... almost to the point where I really don't believe it or that it's all too good to be true. I feel like I've been so fortunate with the littlest blessings in my life that I'm asking for too much at this point. 
  • The second one is that I'm wrecking this life as we know it. Which seems to be such a contrast to the first worry. Now I'm worrying about what life will be like assuming he DOES make it home. We have a good life here! We have routines and we're used to the four of us. Things are challenging enough and they're really good. What were we thinking? Am I about to wreck this life that we have now? If you think about it, inevitably, yes... this life won't be the same at all. And I know that's not automatically a bad thing! When I think about this very same fear before we had Molly and to think how I cannot IMAGINE going through this life without her. So I know it'll likely be the exact same way... but what if he doesn't sleep for the first two years? What if he cries all the time? What if I can't handle being a mother to three young kids? What if I'm crippled by postpartum anxiety or depression or psychosis? So many worries. And I promise I'm not spending too much time in fear - but once I start writing about one worry, they all begin to tumble out.
  • We got the little man's car seat! I'm very excited about this. The one we used for both girls is hot pink and black... and as much as I told myself I would still use it for a boy, I'm sure that was part of the reason for us getting a knew one. The major reason we replaced it though had to do with the clips at the bottom probably being weakened/damaged. I didn't know any better and I used to prop the car seat on top of the shopping basket at the store because it seems secure! Well, I'm telling you, please don't do that. It can damage the clips on the bottom of your car seat and they might not work when you need them to (in a crash). So we decided to err on the safe side and by a new one. And it definitely helps that it is ADORABLE! Molly was especially excited when she saw it and wanted to buckle up her baby doll to practice for Crosby. 
Propping the infant car seat up like this damages the clipping mechanism at the bottom of it that keeps your child safe in a crash! So please set the entire seat in the basket instead!
An example of what NOT to do with your infant carrier!
Crosby's SUPER cute new infant seat along with Molly buckling up her pony!
  • This week Crosby is the size of a fennec fox - minus the tail. And if you've never seen one, they're ADORABLE. Tony & I play Tsum Tsum on our phones (if you don't know about it, download it! If you're anything like us then it'll probably grow on you very quickly!) and yesterday I got a new tsum (when you go to buy a new tsum they choose it for you at random) - Finnick the Fennec Fox from Zootopia! How hilarious is that? I love when little things like that happen.
  • He's been kicking/moving around more lately and I absolutely love it. I can guarantee him to do some moving around a bunch once I'm in bed and relaxing every night.
  • Molly talks about Crosby nearly every day and it melts my heart. I feel like her and Cros are gonna be little buddies! She will come over to me and say, "Crosby. Belly. Kickin'? Feel it?" And she'll either drape herself across my body or hug my belly in hopes to feel Crosby kicking. It is so precious. Both girls kiss my belly and talk about how they can't wait to meet him!
That's about it for what's been going on here these days. The second trimester is a magical time where you don't feel overly huge and you're mostly done with feeling sick... but even still, you're pregnant. And pregnancy isn't always all fun and giggles! I start to get a little stir crazy when I think about how far I've come and yet how far I have left to go. Also a bit terrified of the possibility of having another wet tap this time around - because let's be honest, I'm already sure I will get another epidural! And because I'm a crazy person I am actually looking forward to the thrill of pushing and meeting Mr. Crosby for the first time - even having to go through labor all over again. (Pregnancy and parenthood makes you kinda insane! We'll blame it on the hormones.) If anyone has experience with wet taps or the likelihood of having it happen to you twice, I'm all ears. It's something I plan on asking my doctor about this upcoming week at my next appointment. 

Hope it's a good week for everyone! And happy 4th of July!!!


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