Wishes for Presley

At my second baby shower, everyone filled out their wishes for Presley once she is here and as she grows.  Every answer means so much to me from these people who love me and who are excited to start loving Presley!  I wanted to share some of the responses... the funny ones, the sweet ones, and all of the thoughtful wishes.

I hope that you learn  kindness, to pray, your ABC's, how beautiful you are, baby stuff, to go potty, that God loves you, to love, to make the right choices, how to blow kisses, to love as much as your mom, respect, to cherish every moment, you can't change the past, to be forgiving.

I hope you are not afraid  to be strong, of the dark, to go after your dreams, of Mondays, of cats, of anything, to be yourself, to swim, to take chances, be happy with life, of storms, spiders-- they really won't hurt you!, roller coasters-- they're fun!

I hope you love  to dance, puppies, to laugh, rattles, life, everyone who loves you, school, to play, bananas, books, unconditionally, your Grammy, ice cream.

I hope you get  to go to Disney World, to grow up in the Quad Cities, a good day, spoiled by everyone, lucky, all that you need, everything good in life, good grades.

I hope you laugh  a lot, every day, about Elmo, until you snort, it's good for you, hard, always, at everything, at mommy's funny jokes.

I hope you never forget  how loved you are, what your parents all do, your mom, your family, to be grateful, Mommy & Daddy love you, the people who truly love you, where you came from, to pray.

I hope you ignore  people who will try to bring you down, boys until you are 25, the negativity of the world, criticism, bullies, the haters, things that don't matter, bad music.

I hope you become  just like your mom, a big sister, a confident young woman, a famous actress, a vet, what makes you happy, successful, a lifelong learner, the best daughter ever, a good sleeper!

I hope you respect  your parent's sleep, everyone you encounter, your teachers, your mom, yourself, people that respect you.

I hope you grow  up & enjoy life, up to be just like your mommy, to be a woman of God, slowly (it goes too fast), to be tall, to be famous, proud, to be big & strong, healthy, up accepting people for who they are, into the beautiful woman you are meant to be, up to be as beautiful as  your mom.

We are so blessed with such wonderful friends and family -- thank you all for your kind words, love, and support throughout our lives.  It has helped us to build a solid foundation for Presley to join in on.  I can't wait to see some of these wishes come true.

Are you planning a baby shower or welcoming a new one into your life soon? 
Whether you landed here by mistake, are an avid follower, or maybe this is your first time reading my blog, I'd love to hear from you!

Happy wishing!


  1. Hi, just found your blog! I am 38 weeks and 3 days. At my baby shower in January we did this same thing and I LOVED reading through them. They are so special! Excited for you and you new babe on the way :) New follower!

    Bennett Love


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