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30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me: Growing Up

A while back I came across Jennifer's Blog (Baby Making Machine) and her list of "30 things my kids should know about me" and I instantly fell in love with the idea. So here I go at tackling all 30 prompts and maybe even adding on some bonus questions of my own. 

Today I'm addressing lucky #13 on the list: What’s the hardest part of growing up? 

I think, in general, one of the most difficult part of growing up is moving from a me-centric life to the opposite. When you're a baby you can do absolutely nothing for yourself and while you gain small independences (is that a real word?) over time, for most of your childhood you depend on your parents for so much.

Then adolescence comes around and for most of us we live as if the world revolves around our wants and needs as we really have no one else to care for other than ourselves. You journey into adulthood and if you're like me you eventually get engaged and married and it's all about me-me-me-us-us-us for a …

Molly is NINE months old.

So, wow. We're less than 3 months away from having a TODDLER!

Another month closer to Mol's first birthday.

We've given her bananas, peas, green beans, eggs (woops), pumpkin, sweet potatoes/yams, pears, and carrots.  On deck is applesauce, avocados, and yogurt.  And she's a fantastic eater... probably making up for the fact that she didn't really start eating solids until she was 8 months old!

Oh and she just started snacking on table food as well - she's tried sweet potato puffs, rice rusks, & tiny bits of blueberry pancakes.

We're still breastfeeding.  We're currently in the stage where she likes to grab my boob while she drinks (out of comfort) but ends up practically mauling my boob!  I've currently got little fingernail size cuts all over my skin.  Thankfully, she's cute and can get away with that kind-of behavior.  I remember Presley used to pinch and scratch my arm fat when she nursed and I HATED it... would end up bleeding and wit…