27 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby #2}

How far along?:  27 weeks along in my second pregnancy which makes me an official third trimesterer!  And 13 weeks left to go!

Left: Me @ 27 weeks with Molly
Right: Me @ 27 weeks with Presley

I am feeling:  Large.  I just am.  I'm trying so hard not to be down about my weight at this point (with THREE MONTHS left to go...) but after stepping on the scales yesterday, it's hard to not focus on that number.  Too bad that number won't shame me away from french fries or chocolate....

Size of baby:  Molly is about the size of a rutabaga this week.

Weekly growth milestone:  Baby is now measured head to toe (rather than head to rump).  Molly also might be recognizing my voice now.  

Movement:  She is still mostly calm but when she gets moving, she really gets down!  And the moment anyone else tries to feel her kicking, she stops.  An interesting little peanut she is shaping up to be, already!

What I miss most:  The ease of putting on a pair of socks.  At the end of the day I needed to put some clean socks on and I finally just asked Tony to put them on for me.  Such a sweet man to do so without blinking.  :)

Cravings: Doughnuts.  Chinese food.  Mexican food.  Potatoes.  Corn on the cob.  Cereal with dried strawberries.  Fresh strawberries.

Best moment of the week:  Eating tacos at home last night was a feel good moment for some reason.  It was a seriously delicious meal and it just felt so so nice to fix and eat dinner with Tony in our new home and watch the NCAA championship.  It was definitely a good night.

What I'm excited about:  Super excited for my prenatal appointment this Friday!  Hoping for all good news and results - although I think it really will be just a check up.


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