26 Week Pregnancy Bumpdate! {Baby 2}

So, I don't feel like doing the questions and answers this week.

I'm currently 26 weeks along in my second pregnancy - which means we've got 14 weeks (give or take) until we meet Molly!

And this week has been a VERY big week for our family for a couple reasons:

1. We moved into our first HOME this week!

2. One of my best friends (Katie) had her little boy - Hunter Joseph - very early on the morning of April Fool's Day.  If my memory serves me correctly, he was 8 pounds 13 ounces.

3. And then, my sister (Amanda) went into labor and had her little boy - Matthew Alan - on her due date, which was also April Fool's Day!  My nephew weighed in at 8 pounds 3 ounces on his birthday!

Anne Marie meeting her brother, Matthew!!!

4. We also bought some new furniture to furnish our new home.  It won't be delivered until next week, but I am SO EXCITED.

We had SO much help from some friends and family when it came to moving - and we needed every last bit of it.  It was seriously the fastest move I've ever witnessed.  Most everything is still in our garage (we weren't able to move everything into the house because our carpets were getting cleaned and stretched the following morning) and we are SLOWLY moving things in.

I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed by the unpacking and moving process as well as the feeling of anxiety from all the responsibility that comes with owning a home.  My Gramma Myers gave some good advice about not rushing into owning a home and now I can see why she said that!  It is a lot to take in.  Overall, we are all adjusting well and I think it was the right move for our family but I suppose only time will tell!

We planned on moving Presley into her toddler bed upon moving in but we have yet to get her room set up and completely childproofed - and her safety is NOT something I'm willing to gamble with - so Tony set up her crib and tonight is the first night in over 100 days she gets to sleep in a real bed... or crib!  In that time she has been sleeping in her pack & play.  About a month into her sleeping in the pack & play we purchased a thicker mattress for her to sleep on as well.  Even still, it couldn't have been as comfortable and yet Presley handled it all like such a champ.  Bedtime almost always went smoothly and she slept regularly through the night.  I really do think she was excited to get into her crib tonight and bedtime went very smoothly (after the first few nights of bedtime in our new house NOT going very smoothly)!!!

Another ironic thing that happened to us since I last wrote - all three of us got a stomach virus!  If you remember, Presley got a stomach bug just a few days before we moved from Illinois to Tennessee.  A few days after that, I got it - literally the day before we left.  And then I infected Tony a few days later on the very day he was leaving Tennessee for Illinois to move everything out of our old house.  It was awful, awful timing.  This time?  Presley got sick at 2am on Friday - the day we closed on our house.  Tony got sick Sunday - the morning we moved.  And me?  I got sick on Tuesday a few days later.  AWFUL!  I hope it is a long time before we do that again.

We're looking forward to next week - getting our new furniture, my first prenatal appointment since the beginning of December, and having a new window installed in our bedroom in addition to some rotten wood being replaced outside of that window.  We are hoping to go see Amanda, John, Anne Marie & new baby Matthew sometime soon - maybe as soon as next weekend?  And this weekend, lots and lots of unpacking!!!

Also, get excited, because this weekend I will be posting a fun product review and hosting my first GIVEAWAY for one awesome reader!  So stay tuned!!


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