Baby 3.0: 34 Weeks + So Long Summer!

34 weeks pregnant and 6 weeks to go until we meet our little man

I'm feeling: Lots of things. Lately I've actually started to feel excited about this being my last pregnancy. I'm looking forward to ditching maternity clothes forever - eventually. I'm glad that once I'm done carrying Crosby that hopefully I'll never see these numbers on the scale again. I'm ready to have my body back to myself for every single one of the perks. Obviously I plan to have a long breastfeeding journey ahead of me so my body won't really be completely mine BUT it'll be a heck of a lot closer. I'm starting to feel more sweet than bitter about this being the end of my bringing children into the world.

I'm still feeling very weird and conflicted about sending Presley to pre-k a couple days a week. (Mostly weepy.) Yet, I'm looking forward to the opportunities for her... I truly am. How is it that just over two years ago she was sitting on my last pregnant belly with me in a little diaper? And now she's ready to start her first school experience. The time has absolutely flown by right past me. I love her and I love getting to know her... I love who she is and who she has become. I love the progress we've made together and the lessons we've both learned along the way. I love her at this age and wouldn't wish to go backwards - but I don't know when I'll be ready for her to be so independent. I suppose the time for me to feel this way is right around the corner and since I'm not there yet nor have I ever been there on my parenting journey thus far I just can't comprehend what that's gonna feel like. With that said, I'm looking forward to meeting her teachers this week and seeing her classroom and a glimpse into all the things that will become part of her new routine later this week. I'm ready to get the ball rolling instead of sitting here in anticipation.

I love our lazy mornings and while we'll still have many more days like this as her program is only two days a week, I know these days are numbered.
Cravings: Cheesy potatoes! They're just so delicious. So if you're heading to our co-ed baby shower this weekend then you'll get a taste of them because I'll be bringing a big batch! I've really been liking the chicken Philly sandwich from Lenny's lately. Other than that, there's nothing specific or repetitive that comes to mind.

Baby's size: Somewhere around 18 inches and 5 pounds! Mostly from here on out it's just putting on baby fat - most of the big developments are already done.

{L to R} 34 weeks pregnant with Presley, Molly, & Crosby

High of the week: Tony having two days off in a row - finally. We met Papa and Grandmommy on Sunday to celebrate Papa's birthday a little early. We had lunch downtown and went to the Bass Pro Pyramid which was all a lot of fun. Then on Monday the four of us went to the zoo. It was a TON of walking but it really was all worth it seeing how much fun the girls had splashing in the water!

Cooling off at the end of our zoo trip in the water 
Getting very sweaty playing on the playground at the zoo
Grandmommy & Papa walking into the Pyramid with the girls 
She cracks me up! 

Low of the week: Probably when Molly slipped and smacked her head into the wall on Friday. She slammed it right into the corner of the outlet and it sounded awful. Couple that with her cries afterward and it just becomes more than I ever like to bear. I hate, hate, hate when my kids are hurting. I also hate that with head injuries you just can never be too sure right away if everything is okay or not.

Just after it happened
But as you can see she doesn't let it get her down

What I'm excited for: I'm so so super excited for our baby shower this weekend! I love celebrating the baby that is about to come into this world. I love getting together with friends and family - especially when it's for happy occasions. I'm also getting SUPER excited for the Fall. I know we don't get much of a true Autumn here in the Midsouth, but I do love what we get. I love that the pumpkin-flavored-everything things are starting to show up on the shelves in the stores!!! I've liked the heat the summer has provided but I'm looking forward to a little less heat and a little more breezes. I'm excited that we've got six weeks (hopefully less!) before we lay our eyes on Crosby and become a family of FIVE!

That's it for this week! It's hard to believe the summer really is wrapping up but the show must go on and there are plenty of things to look forward to!!! 


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