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Saturday ramblings...

This is the second week in a row that I forgot about pizza Friday and didn't remember until Saturday. So we ordered pizza tonight - like we did last week - and I'm considering moving pizza Friday to pizza Saturday.

My poor kids have been taking turns being sick lately. Molly and Crosby were last week and now it's Presley. Her tests came back negative for strep & mono but it could've been too soon to test for the latter. She's on antibiotics because it really does look and seem like strep. Hopefully it is and the meds will knock it out.

Crosby is 9 months old. We've made it this long in our breastfeeding journey and when I think about how protected he is with the extra immune boost from my milk it makes me want to carry on nursing him after his first birthday (which is just over 2 months away). I'm conflicted. It'll be nice to continue on that relationship while he's still so little but it would also be fantastic to have another part of my body …