22 week Pregnancy Reflection!

How far along?:  22 weeks and 2 days along in my first pregnancy! 
(About 18 weeks to go!!)

First picture bare-belly!

Size of the baby:  Baby Duggan is the size of a papaya this week!

About 8in. & 1.2 lbs!

Total weight +/-:  So far, I'm +15 pounds.

Gender:  It's a girl!  Hopefully by the next update we will have picked a name... we're getting close!

Movement:  She likes to kick me repeatedly -- especially if I'm sitting at the computer for any length of time!  Last night Tony & I went to a friend's and someone was telling a hilarious story about Eddie Murphy and the entire time the baby was nonstop kicking me!!!

Cravings:  Anderson-Erickson's Milk Nog (which is part milk, part egg nog)!  We have gone through a LOT of egg nog so far... and the season just began!  Other than that, still craving meat -- burgers, steak, ribs, etc!  Making up for lost time as my major aversion during the first trimester was meat!!!

I am feeling:  Pretty great, especially today!  I love weekends at home with Tony... they really seem to re-energize me for the week and I hope the weekends have the same affect on him.  The Cowboys won today and I won in fantasy football plus we spent the game watching NFL games... so it was a perfect Sunday!

What I miss most:  Still, being able to sleep on my back.  I also (still) miss Zumba.  I miss being able to do things with no restrictions and am getting tired of people being overprotective because I'm pregnant.  I understand everyone is just looking out for the best, but it starts to get old.  I miss having more energy.

Best moment of the week:  Probably the best moment of the week was getting 6 bags of baby girl clothing from one of my favorite mom's from work!  Sarah is the one who gave me the maternity jacket for the winter and she is so gracious.  She's had three girls of her own and I am beyond blessed to know and love this family.  All of the outfits are SO PRECIOUS and I am so excited to see them on our little girl.  Another pretty great moment this week was getting a rocking chair at a yard sale for $30!  I've been wanting a rocker/glider and have been worried about the prices of new ones.  A friend told me about the yard sale going on so we stopped by and I'm so glad we did.  It's a really nice chair -- wooden & worn but it's wonderful.

What I'm looking forward to this week:  I'm looking forward to dressing up for Halloween this weekend -- first time Tony and I are dressing up in a couples costume!  (Checking that off my bucket list will be sweet!)  Also looking forward to having dinner this week with some friends from high school!

Hoping for a fun and exciting week -- wishing the same for everyone as well!!!  Later, bloggies!


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