30 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby two}

How far along?:  I'm about 30 weeks along in my second pregnancy - TEN weeks and counting!

I am feeling:  A little down after getting diagnosed with gestational diabetes today.  I failed the three hour test.  My resting level was 90, I passed that one.  My one hour level had to be under 190 and it was 217!  UGH.  I needed to pass the second test with a level of 165 or below and I failed it with a 175, so I didn't even make it to the three hour test.  I know eventually I will feel determined and ready to go and feel empowered by the new changes (diet and exercise) - but right now I just feel bummed out about it.  I am worried about the chances of having a gigantic baby that would require a c-section.  I worried about any other ways this will impact Molly's well-being.  I'm worried about failing and not being able to control this.

Movement:  Molly has been a moving machine lately!  I feel her mostly on the right side of my body (where her legs are) and it's gotten to the point where her limbs can really stick out of my skin!  She loves to move while I read.  (Currently reading the Divergent series and ALMOST done... they are AMAZING!!!)

What I miss most:  Ugh.  Right now, I miss not having to worry about my blood sugar level.  Not having to log every. single. thing. I ingest.  I haven't had to start testing my levels yet - but by the end of this week that'll be added onto things as well.  I know the better part of me is going to be pointing out the silver lining of this situation - but that will probably be a couple days from now...

Cravings:  Doughnuts, of course.  :(

Best moment of the week:  Finding out Molly's kidneys are OKAY and back to normal at the specialist on Monday!!!!  That was SUCH a huge relief.  Second best moment of the week?  Getting to see her beautiful face for the first time and in 4d!  It seriously blew me away how amazing the photos were.

What I'm excited about:  Rereading the Divergent series.  Not even done with the third and final book yet and I am already planning on reading them all over again!  This is necessary because I seriously flew through them the first time that I'm sure none of the information was retained.  Not to mention they are just THAT GOOD.


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