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End of the Week: Happies & Crappies

My sweet little crazy angel baby, Molly, broke the screen on my iPhone this week which resulted in an emergency visit to the Apple store for a new screen. (And a momentary, pathetic mini-Mommy-meltdown... thank goodness for my thoughtful husband who is the best daddy out there.) The Apple folks explained that my phone could fail some tests if the damage extended to the inside of the phone but that it rarely happened. In that case they would replace the phone with a new one for the same price as the repair ($129). Well, it failed. And I got a new phone.When I backed up my phone I synced it with my iTunes account on my computer. Our computer is really old. When I brought the new phone home it was updated beyond the capabilities of our computer. So we got a new computer. Thank goodness for 18 month financing with zero interest at Best Buy! Now I have to learn to use an Apple computer. Which is much, much different.You think I'd be psyched about all these new purchases, but we litera…

Happies & Crappies

It's been a long time since I've done happies and crappies for the week... so here we go. Here are some of the good and bad things that have been happening recently.

My husband usually gets two days off a week - Sunday and one other day (either Monday or Saturday) - and for whatever reason that I don't understand, they stopped getting that second day off. So... he has been gone even more than usual. Which was already TOO MUCH. It's just been a big bummer lately but I feel like I've been doing pretty well at not letting it get me too down. I feel like it's really bad business to not take care of your employees and to not give them the time off every week that they deserve. Too many bosses and not enough leaders...
I ran over a nail or something like that here recently. Thankfully I have a fantastic husband who has access to a lift at work and patched (plugged?) it all by himself. Always impressed and awed by his car savvy and selfless nature.Our house is a consta…

What was I saying?

I took my wedding ring and diamond earrings to Kay's to be cleaned today and - of course - I couldn't find the paperwork for my earrings. The woman was so sweet and patient and combed the super-old looking computer system to find the purchase slip while I was trying and failing to corral both kids. It made me think back to when we bought the jewelry.

It was the beginning of 2010 and we had just been engaged a few months. When Tony originally bought my engagement ring he got a gift certificate where you spend a certain amount of money and you get a certain amount back... I don't remember the specifics. Anyways, long story short, we went in to buy our wedding bands and picked out some tiny diamond earrings for me that would end up being free after purchasing our bands. Sweet! You really can't beat free, especially when you're saving to pay for a wedding. Plus, I'd never had diamond earrings before, so this was exciting! When we pointed out the tiny set of earrin…

Marriage Monday: Dare to Share

Happy Monday!

Raise your hand if you love being in love. Now... think about why you love being in love. What reason did you come up with?

For me, a really great part of falling in love is being pursued. I don't know about you, but when my husband wants to know me more - even after fifteen years of each other - it makes me feel cherished. But because our lives are so rushed it's really easy to let that deeper communication that we all desire go by the wayside. In addition to that, it's easy for things to go unsaid/unheard. We have so many feelings for our spouse and often we assume the other knows/absorbs those things. It'd be nice if we all took the time to get those feelings for each other out as well as take them in from our spouse. Because life is short and our marriage is important!

This is where Dare2Share comes into our picture. Dare2Share focuses on communication and intimacy and gives you an opportunity to enjoy the love you share with your spouse in the form o…