31 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby two}

How far along?:  31 weeks or so - leaving only 9 weeks in my second pregnancy!  Woo-Hoo!!!

I am feeling:  So-so.  I think I am actually feeling better since making changes to my diet (aka - cutting out a LOT of sugar) but the reality of gestational diabetes is such a bummer.  This week I found out that 60% of women diagnosed with GD will develop diabetes later in life.  I have just really been stuck on that because it is such a high percentage.  And a scary one at that.  I've also just been anxious about all the changes that our little family will go through come July!  I had to remind myself today that we chose this!!!!  The closer it gets, the more I begin to feel inadequate and the panic sets in.  In truth... I just really like sleep.

Size of baby:  Somewhere around 18 inches long - and nearing birth height - but still has another 4-5 lbs to pack on before the big day.

Weekly growth milestone:  Molly is now perceiving signals from all 5 senses!  That is crazy.

Movement:  I've been noticing more and more that she moves around a bunch just before I fall asleep.

What I miss most:  Getting comfortable in bed.  I hate it because it feels like it takes so long before I can find a position to sit in comfortably.  This is especially true while reading!  Thankfully, since cutting out some sugar and caffeine from my diet, it seems like I have no trouble falling asleep at night.  (Sometimes I fall asleep literally right in the middle of my book.)

Cravings:  Two things I craved this week - baked ziti and Mexican lasagna!  Both of which we ended up having for dinners this week and both were so so so good.  I have a thing for cottage cheese right now, apparently!

Best moment of the week:  Spending the day with friends & family on Sunday!  It was just good for the soul.
Presley & Daddy swimming in the cool water!

Presley & Riley saying bye to each other... so sweet! 
They're only 2 months apart.  (And I believe it is technically her second cousin once removed.)

What I'm excited about:  I'm looking forward to my next doctors appointment to see what they think about my blood sugar levels and my diet.  I wonder if the gestational diabetes will impact my due date at all - if they'll choose to move it up at all or leave it as it is.  I'm also looking forward to my nephew's baptism next weekend!!!!  Oh, and a little nervous for our housewarming party... this place is still in chaos!


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