18 week Pregnancy Reflection!

 Trying to keep up with the weekly/every-so-often pregnancy updates because they're my favorite (read my previous one here):

How far along?:  Today I'm eighteen weeks & five days pregnant what I am still sure is a girl. (We will HOPEFULLY find out for sure at our ultrasound appointment on Monday!)

Size of the baby:  Our baby is about the size of a MANGO this week!

About 6 inches & .5 lbs!

I am feeling:  SO wiped out during the day, especially in the afternoon!  This is most likely because I'm having a hard time falling asleep at night.  Today I'm not feeling very good but I hope once I get some peace of mind tomorrow that I'll be feeling better.  I'm actually going to see my OB tomorrow afternoon-- I wasn't supposed to see her until after my U/S appointment Monday, but today I had a scare and had some spotting so she is having me come in tomorrow just to check everything out.  EDIT: Everything at my appointment today went fine and there is nothing to worry about! :)

Total weight +/-:   Right now I've gained a total of +7.2 lbs.  I have DEFINITELY begun to show much more these days.  I'm finally to the point where people feel comfortable saying, "Omg! You have a baby bump!"  -- even the people who weren't sure if I was pregnant or not before now! :)  I love it.

Movement:  I feel flutters, vibrations, and little bumps from the baby lately.  I am so unsure of the movements, though, that I always question it afterwards.  I am still looking forward to the days where there is no question about feeling my baby's movement.  Even more, I can't WAIT for Tony to feel the baby moving.  He has been so impatient waiting for that.  :)  This past appointment the baby's heartbeat was a strong and steady 155 bpm.

What I miss most:  I really don't miss a whole lot these days.  But-- I do miss worrying less about bodily functions and I miss being able to sleep on my back/tummy without any worries or discomfort.  I also miss being able to drink casually; mostly, I am craving a margarita from Chili's!!!! Ahhh... first time I've craved something I absolutely can't have.

What I'm excited about:  Our appointment MONDAY!  I just cannot wait to see our baby again and to hopefully find out what we are having.  I'm also so excited to start registering after we know and so excited to set up our nursery!!!! 

Cravings:  Deli sandwiches!!! I've been having a lot of Subway & Hungry Hobo.  I've been craving some chocolate here lately, as well!  Which works out perfect because today at Walgreens (with a coupon) I scored 3 crunch bars for a total of $.49!  (Which means they were $.16 each!!!!)

Hopefully I'll return tomorrow with cheerful news! :)  Have a great week, bloggies!


  1. Thanks for subscribing to my pregnancy blog! I love the look of your blog and you're such a great writer! This post made me chuckle and think, Oh Honey, you're just starting to have fun!! I'll definitely be adding this to my list of reads! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!!


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