34 Week Pregnancy Reflection {Baby #2!}

How far along?:  34 weeks along in my second pregnancy.  Of course, that means only 6 weeks to go!

L: 34 weeks pregnant with Presley Rose :) January 14, 2012
R: 34 weeks pregnant with Molly Lou :) May 28, 2014

I am feeling:  Thank the Lord, I am feeling really great still.  My hips are sore throughout the day - but nothing too bad.  I can also feel the results of the extra relaxin in my system - the arches of my feet feel like they are literally shredding sometimes. (I remember this from my previous pregnancy.)
Size of baby:  Molly is somewhere around 5 pounds & 20 inches now.  Seems so unreal!  She is about the size of a pineapple this week.

Movement:  Uh, hello dancing queen!  Molly's been jumping around in there lately and must be running out of room because it is getting uncomfortable.  I feel like she is in the transverse position... I hope it's not for long if I'm right!
What I miss most:  Sleeping through the night.  I'm really not complaining, because it seems like I am able to sleep better at night than when I was pregnant with Presley, but it is just striking to wake up from a full nights sleep and still feel exhausted due to waking up several times.
Cravings:  Really been wanting Panera lately!

Presley wanted to take a picture with daddy next... so he's holding his 34 week belly... lucky guy!

Best moment of the week:  Definitely the relaxing Memorial Day Weekend we had with framily.
What I'm excited about:  I can't remember if I talked about it on my blog or not, but a couple weeks ago I entered into a contest for the chance to meet Mike Miller of the Memphis Grizzlies at the Memphis Zoo.  Seriously?!  Sounded like the most ideal situation!  Went on about my life and maybe a week after entering, they contacted me to let me know I won and that I could bring 5 guests to the event with me.  Looks like it will be a very Duggan night - it'll be Tony, Presley, myself & my in-laws!  I am SO excited!  And then tomorrow is my next doctor's appointment... it'll be great to talk to my doctor again and see how things are going.  I feel like she should be checking my cervix already, but that's not for another two weeks.  I'm also looking forward to asking her how they plan to regulate my blood sugar levels during labor/delivery since surely I won't be allowed to eat anything.

Any other news for the Duggans?  I'm looking to get my haircut soon.  If not a huge chop, at least a trim.  Ideas welcome for a good new mom haircut - which means something low maintenance that can (hopefully) still fit into a ponytail!  I've been so bad about getting my hair cut regularly that I wouldn't be surprised if I don't yet have the 8 inches without several inches being full of split ends... we'll see tomorrow though!

The Italian Festival is in town this weekend and we're hoping to check that out as well. 

Oh, and today is my brother-in-law's birthday - HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY, SEAN!  We love & miss you and are soo proud of the man you are today.


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