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A Method in the Madness.

My blog friend, Ryanne, included me in the "Liebster Award" which is a way for the blog world to get to know one another!  It's such a fabulous idea and I loved reading Ryanne's entry (which you can check out here) so I decided to take part as well.  I filled out something similar (Sisterhood of the World) a few months ago, so I will try not to repeat myself!

The first part is telling 11 things about myself.
I grew up always thinking the more friends I had, the luckier I was - but over the last few years it's been proven that it is quality over quantity that's so important. I never liked Led Zepplin until a few years ago.  My husband (he was my boyfriend at the time) was pretty obsessed with them and for some reason it made me like the band even less and I refused to give them a chance.  Now, I just love listening to their music.The first concert I remember going to was Nsync.  And Lance Bass waved to me and my little sister.  I swear.I've only gotten int…

Happy 11 month birthday, Presley pants!

Well I do declare!  (That particular expression was for you, Amanda...)  I cannot believe it is already time to write this blog.  Today our little girly is 11 months old!  Let's delve into what's going on in Presley's life these days...

Chompers:  At the present moment, she's got 4 teeth up top and 4 teeth on the bottom of her mouth!  Two (of the four) top teeth are still fairly new and haven't come all the way down yet.  And man, she loves to use those teeth.  Her and I play this little game where she tries to bite my nose and usually she just pretends like she's gonna bite it and other times she actually does bite it.  I thought I was going to lose the tip of my nose the other day... geez Louise... I think we are going to have to discontinue this game pretty soon.Loves to SNACK!  Cheerios, puffs, green beans, bits of peaches,  raisins, Baby Mum-Mums, teething biscuits, bread, etc.... anything that is edible and as long as it is something she can pick up herse…

Make it Count.

Tony and I decided to start a "Wish List" of things we'd like to do as a family in 2013 in order to make the most out of the next year.  (Hopefully will be able to cross some of these off my on-going bucket list, as well.)  So far, this is what our list consists of:
Visit a new zoo.Go to an NBA or NFL game.Make going to church as a family a priority.Go OUT on a date once a month.  (Somewhere different each month - no repeats!)Have weekly date night in!Donate blood together.Complete a 5k together (again)... this time, no stopping (for me)!Share peak/pit moments each day.  (Either at dinner or bedtime... still undecided.)
Hopefully we will add more to our list as the week goes on.  We talked about some of the goals we have individually, as a couple, and as a family and it just made the most sense to start a list of things we'd like to accomplish in order to move closer to those goals.  (For example, one goal for us as a couple was to spend quality time together to cele…

2012 in Review.

This past year I started and completed Project 365 (well, 366 including the leap day) and after reading this post (from blogger "From Small Beginnings") I decided I will wrap 2012 up with a pretty bow and send it off with pictures from the last year of our lives.  I will try to keep it short and sweet but I'm not making any promises!








Top 5 Reasons Why I Love My Hubby.

I love reflecting on my blessings and invite you guys to do the same!  If you want to participate and share the reasons you love your significant other, don't forget to link back to this post so I can add your posts to the bottom of this entry!

For always being my best friend. 
He's someone who teaches me, who helps me, who listens to me, who I can trust, who laughs with me, who loves me, who cares about me endlessly; I can always go to him and can count on him.

Because he is mine.
He doesn't play games, I don't have to guess if he is devoted to me or not - I am his wife and he is my husband and he never makes me feel otherwise.  (Yet, it is never about ownership with either of us, just to be clear.)  He makes himself and his heart available to me and I am so thankful for that.

He is HOT!
What?!  He is, can you blame me for mentioning it?  I will spare all the red-hot details (you're welcome, Selena!) since I know our families read this, but from his smile to his mo…