Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

Well, this is something fun that I know little to nothing about that is apparently floating around in the blog-world.  By the way, thank you Victorya at Little Mixed Family for nominating me ~ I appreciate the opportunity to brag about seven of my bloggy buddies!

The rules:
1. Thank the blogger that gave you the award.
2. Post 7 things about yourself.
3. Pick 7 blogs to pass the award to and let them know.

Seven things about myself (for those of you who don't know me or are just tuning into my blog for the first time):
07.  I've been married to my high school sweetheart ~ Tony ~ for just over a year now.  We got pregnant right away and brought our baby girl Presley into our lives exactly 9 months from our wedding day!
06.  We named her after Elvis Presley.
05.  I was born in Minnesota, but raised in Memphis, Tennessee - which I consider my home.  I live in the Midwest and while I like the area, I don't feel like this is "our" place.  I miss Tennessee and really feel my heartstrings tugging me that way.  (Thankfully, my husband feels the same way!)
04.  I definitely had a case of the baby blues after having Presley - mostly because I wished we had more time to spend as a married couple just the two of us before starting our family.  Upon looking back at the first month or so, it's possible that it was post-partum depression.  (So much for keeping this light and fun!)  And I think I just realized that a few days ago!  So if there is ever a baby #2 in the future for us, I will know to be prepared next time around.
03.  I gained about 58 pounds from the beginning of my pregnancy to the end.  Yeah, that sucked.  But breastfeeding has really helped drop the weight.  I really do look forward to the day I'm ready to get my body back in shape!  Right now though, I have more important things to focus on - like my sweet little girl who is growing like a weed.
02.  I would have to say Imogen Heap and Fleetwood Mac are my favorite musical artists.  So different, yet so alike.
01.  I'm always looking to live a Christ-centered life and welcome any and all God-friends for encouragement!

Seven blogs that deserve recognition:
01. A Mad Girl's Lovesong:  I've gotten lucky and found several new moms via blogs this past year and I thank my lucky stars I met Sean!  Aside from her genuine and hilarious personality, she's got the cutest little girl and was such a fashionable & gorgeous pregnant lady.  If you haven't already, definitely check out her blog and no doubt you will fall in love with her and her family just like I have.
02. ...Every Little Beautiful Pieces:  Ashley is fabulous!  She really is beautiful - both inside and out - and that radiates into her words as well.  She is a brand new mama (to such a cute little guy) and the first person to introduce me into the beautiful deaf culture.  I have to say what I like most about her is the comfort and contentment and true happiness she has in her life. 
03. Little Baby Garvin:  Who in the world doesn't follow this blog?  I mean, if you are a woman on Pinterest, you have seen her little pregnancy bump and her chalk board!  This mommy is a trend-setter without trying to be and that's what is so infectious about her!  Our girls were due just a few days apart, so I have loved sharing experiences through pregnancy, labor, and baby-life with her through reading her blogs.
04. Mi Todo:  I enjoy reading about Erica's adventures with her military hubby and new baby girl - and it's so amazing that their journey into the unknown is JUST beginning!  Erica -- I can't wait to follow your stories through your upcoming move and I pray that is goes flawlessly.
05. The Gentrys-Party of Four:  KariBeth is a southern mama to two absolutely precious little girls -- I especially enjoy reading her blog because it makes me miss and appreciate the south SO very much.  She is another fabulous and fashionable mommy when it comes to her kids, her clothes, and her home - everything looks amazing!  Reading back through her pregnancies was one of my favorite things to do while I was pregnant - minus the fact that she barely gained a pound! ;-)
06. ...and she wore the high heels but she couldn't bring herself to prance:  The only one of these beauties whom I am fortunate to know both in the blog-world and the real world.  Her hilarious blogs about ex's or relationship opinions are chalked full of details and super funny scenarios that most women would enjoy!  She's definitely got edge and a sense of humor so if that is something you are lacking in, I would recommend steering clear of her fantastic blog!
07. From Small Beginnings:  Ashlee is a strong mama to two beautiful girlies who came into this world much earlier than originally expected.  I am lucky to have found her blog and love reading about everyday life with two twin girls toddling around!  She's also got a little Presley, so I especially enjoy that we have that in common.  Such a fun blog to keep up with - definitely recommend checking that one out!

{Some of my favorite blogs are private, so for that reason I left a couple of you out of this just so I didn't brag about you and then leave people out of your fun journey!}


  1. Oh Ali boo boo boo boo boo! Thank you so much for this. I am so happy we have been able to connect through the blog world. I really do feel like we're two peas in a pod. I only wish we lived closer. 1. So we could hang out and soak up each other's awesomeness and 2. So I could snatch up your adorable little Presley. I had no idea she was named after Elvis, pretty badass if you ask me.

    Great post, I love getting to know you more.

  2. Oh, and PS, I've been following your friend Hali's blog for a little while now (yes, I blog stalk you and your readers) and OMG she is awesome! SO flippin' funny and honest. I love her dark sense of humor too.

  3. Thanks for the nomination! :) I'll have to write up a post when Forrest is less fussy at some point today. He had his shots yesterday so I think he's still recovering from that! I absolutely love reading your posts and think your blog is the cutest thing ever. I'm always on out look for a new post! Keep up a great job!

    & the blogs you nominated are really great reading too!



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