Helloooo Second Trimester!!!! 

I'm officially 13 weeks along today and I couldn't be happier!  I know I am getting ahead of myself and possibly getting my hopes up in vain, but you know what, we'll get the opportunity to possibly find out the sex of our baby this trimester so I am beyond excited.  Even though it seems like being pregnant is all I talk about, sometimes the seriousness of bringing a new life into this world hits me and I am totally taken aback.  Especially when I think about how complicated it is trying to navigate through life just for myself as a person - as a woman and as a wife - and then having to help a little person through the same things throughout time.  It's not that I'm scared so much that I am in awe of the responsibility.  I am definitely a faithful person and I believe that this is part of the plan God has in mind for me and I am wondering how He sees such potential in me.

12 weeks & 5 days here and starting to show!
(aka, looking bloated and fat!)

Now, to a much less heavy subject: are there any of you moms or moms-to-be with a belly piercing?  I've had mine going on eight years now and I've started to notice that it's getting a little cramped for room lately.  It's not painful and it's not irritated or anything at all - I've still got plenty of room for the piercing - but I know in time things will start to change quickly.  Have any of you tried out pregnancy belly rings or have any of you looked into it?  I'm starting to look into it and wonder if it's worth it to keep it in or if I should just take it out.  I plan on talking to my doctor about it the next time I see her, but I was wondering if anyone had opinions.  Anyways, wishing you all well and excited for the upcoming weeks!



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