It's that time again!


Oh, did you catch that?!  I'm 9 weeks pregnant with baby 2!!!  Which is VERY EXCITING!  I can't wait to start this journey again and to do it as a family of 3 this time around.  The morning sickness (aka, all day sickness) is definitely in full swing but seems to be getting more bearable.  We certainly aren't taking anything for granted and count our lucky stars that God would bless us with another tiny human to call our own.  Presley is going to be such a rock star big sister and I can't wait until she realizes what's going on!!!

***Also wanted to say a special HELLO to my beautiful Gramma Myers who reads my blog from Florida!!! Hi Gramma!!  What do you think of the big news?!  You will be a GREAT Gramma times FOUR come July!!!!  I love you!*** 

The pregnancy is another reason why I haven't been huge into blogging lately... I have so much to say but couldn't say it yet so HERE IT IS!  Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. :) I'm so excited for you guys!!

  2. Oh MY GOSH!! Ali I am so happy for you guys! :) :)

  3. Oh my goodness Ali, congrats!!! So exciting, prayers for a safe pregnancy:)

  4. yay! congrats! I'm sure Miss Presley will make an awesome big sister. :)

  5. congratulations lady. I'm so happy for you and family. Thank you so linking up. Keep linking to keep us updated :)


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