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Every time I think I will be permanently back into blogging something throws a wrench into my little plan!  What is it this time?  Well, we are in the middle of packing up our house!  Yes, that's right... time to move on to the next place.  In this case, we are making a move from the Midwest to the Midsouth.  It's a fairly involved process at this point since we don't have everything mapped out yet... so we may end up with our stuff in storage for a while before figuring out WHERE we are going {exactly}.  But for now, Tony and I are separated by nearly 600 miles.  So, for the time-being, Presley and I are trying to keep ourselves busy!

Just wanted to bring everybody up to speed on what's going on before I declare my weekly happies & crappies!

  • Reading articles about Walt Disney World make me so happy!  I just recently read one about the 5 must have Disney snacks you can score without even purchasing a park ticket.  I love getting the inside scoop about all things WDW-related!  And that article really reminded me of our last "Disney" trip that we took in July.  I put it in quotation marks because we didn't buy any park tickets or visit the parks... just downtown Disney & the pier and we had a blast.  I imagine trying to have the full Disney experience with a youngster would be overwhelming right now anyways.  Back to the list... I can't believe we haven't experienced Dole Whip... that is definitely on the Disney "bucket list" I've got going.
  • It's finally December!  Presley and I are going to have our first Santa visit this week when we head to Chick-Fil-A to visit Santa Cow like we did last year.  I can't wait to see how she reacts this time around.
  • Scandal (my favorite show) is new this week!
  • Saw Catching Fire with my sisters last week and it was INCREDIBLE... even better than I could have imagined.  I want to see it again so bad but I may just have to settle for rereading the series.  Again.
  • We got to do a lot of cool things over the last two weeks.  We stayed with my sister, brother-in-law, and niece in Nashville for a week and spent a lot of time together!  After that we headed to Memphis to spend time with Tony & some friends and family and it was wonderful.  We visited the Nashville Zoo, had two family Thanksgivings, and got to be there for our godson's 5th birthday party (I think the first birthday we've been able to be there for!)
  • Lots of uninterrupted Presley and Mommy time.
Presley and Mommy :)

Presley and her cousins Lexi & Bobby at Gus's Fried Chicken in Southaven

Presley and her cool aunts

Got to see some family we love so much

They loved their joint bathtime each night

Excited to go see the animals

Uncle John, Presley, and Anne Marie at the Nashville Zoo

  • Packing is a lot more fun when your husband is there to suffer through it with you.
  • Lots of uninterrupted Presley and Mommy time.  (yes... this is both a happy and crappy!)
  • Presley having diarrhea on top of everything else going on.  She's currently on the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet in order to help things along but after nearly a week of this... it is getting tough around here.  I've talked to her nurses at the pediatricians office and they say it's just something to overcome at home.  So hopefully it'll clear up ASAP.  In the meantime, lots of fluids and bathtimes!
  • I'm still breastfeeding and therefore, what Presley has, I have.  Thus, I haven't been feeling too great lately.  I am hoping this will pass for me very quickly as well.
  • I miss having my partner here for all kinds of things.  So many props to military families, long distance families, widows, divorcees, and single parents.

Trying to stick to positive thinking... so I am not going to hunt down too many "crappy" thoughts.  Plus, it's naptime here so I'm gonna go get a few things packed before she wakes up!  Thanks for sticking around and I appreciate everybody who has been keeping us in their thoughts and prayers and for those of you who keep checking in on me.  It's at these times when you feel a little bit weak that you realize who cares for you.  And it really means the world to me.

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  1. ((hugs!!)) This too shall pass! I hope everything goes smoothly with your move and that you and your sweet munchkin get better soon!

  2. Oh my.. we just moved too, but not quite as far.. I'm sorry Tony isn't around for the packing "fun" that has to be hard. Especially while sick! Hopefully everything will turn around quickly and you'll both be feeling better and on your way to meet up with your hubby soon! In the mean time, thoughts and prayers go out to you all. :)

  3. LOVED Catching Fire!

    Stink you and Presley are sick! Praying it passes quickly!!!!


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