Baby 3.0: 35/36 Weeks + Presley in Pre-K!

Ugh, so, I've been slacking on the blog front this week. And so many fun things have happened since I last wrote so there will be lots to share!

Let's start by updating with what I should've finished/meant to post LAST week for when I hit the 35 week mark:
35 Weeks!

I'm feeling: NOT great today. My stomach/abdomen is just feeling really weird. It's not hurting - per-say - but it's just not feeling great. It honestly reminds me of contractions but at the same time it somehow doesn't feel like them. Ugh. Super contrary and making little to no sense, I know, but that's the best description I've got. I also had some really bad nights with heartburn! Thankfully it hasn't been a huge issue lately but I didn't really experience much of that with my first two pregnancies so that has been not fun!

Cravings: I think I could eat gyros and the amazing Mediterranean food at Cedars Restaurant literally everyday. Aside from that I don't really think I've had many/any true cravings lately. But I suppose you'd have to ask my husband!

Baby's size: About 5-6 pounds & 18-19 inches this week!
{L to R} 35 weeks pregnant with Presley, Molly, & Crosby

High of the week: Definitely our baby shower!!! We had so much fun with everyone who came out! Selena really did so much work to put together a super fun shower and it really was. The food, cake, & drinks were yummy, too. My favorite was definitely seeing everybody. Life is so busy these days for all of us and it feels so great to see everybody & catch up. We played a couple games - one where we guess how many M&M's were in two baby bottles, another game where you had to chug 2oz. of liquid (either tea, apple juice, or cranberry juice) out of a newborn baby bottle in the shortest amount of time, and a game where you had to guess the right amount of string to wrap all the way around my belly. We also tie dyed a ton of onesies We really have the greatest friends and family who showed up to have fun and brought some really sweet gifts for Crosby.

Low of the week: I don't know if you can quite call it a "low" BUT the rollercoaster moment of Presley beginning pre-k was finally upon us - and has since passed. And man did I cry! She did so wonderfully and was so excited and zero tears from our sweet girl on her first day. She is so curious and smart and sweet and just wonderful. None of my apprehension about this phase beginning for us/her has ever had anything to do with worries that she wouldn't do well or love it - it was all mostly just about my own feelings or worries. Anyways, she did great. Tony took the day off (thank God for him!) because originally he worried about how Molly would take the transition. Turns out, it was me he should've been worried about! I started crying the moment we turned our back on her classroom. I ducked into the nearest bathroom to get my cry on and to also attempt to pull myself together. (Spoiler: It didn't work!!!) We had a long walk through her school until we got to the parking lot and I actually contemplated wearing sunglasses down the hallway to mask my puffy face. I got it together as much as I could and then once we made it to the van I had a nice little sob. Then Tony, Molly, and I headed to Target and to the Children's Museum to make the day special for Molly and not-so-lonely for me.

Me and Presley walking into school on her FIRST day of pre-k
Molly walking Presley into school on Presley's second day

And now, more currently:
36 Weeks!

I'm feeling: Just huge. Nothing is super comfortable anymore. Not even our fluffy bed! Anything that is soft is now TOO soft (beds, couches, etc.) and therefore impossible to get out of when I need to! When you've got young kids there are so many times where sitting on the floor is necessary and getting up from the floor has been really interesting lately. I'm also feeling a little bit of anxiety about labor and delivery... but you know you're in dire straits when delivering this baby seems like the better option!

Cravings: Hmm... not really craving a whole heck of a lot lately. Tacos sound really good, but that's probably because we haven't had them in a while. Food is great but I haven't got a huge huge appetite lately!

Baby's size: A ripe papaya... but trust me, I'm pretty sure we've already reached watermelon status.

36 weeks with Presley & Crosby

High of the week: Tony having three days off in a row! Oh man, it has been so wonderful. We visited the new parts of Shelby Farms twice over the long weekend and had a really fun time there. We also got to hang out with some family friends that I grew up with from church this weekend and it fantastic - the girls had such a blast and so did we.

Low of the week: I can't really come up with a low yet... but perhaps Tony going back to work tomorrow? That won't be very fun. Couple that with Presley going back to school and still trying to work out our new "normal" here at home without Presley a few days a week and it's either going to make for a really interesting, great day or not so great. It's crazy how much of a big help Presley is with Molly around here. This isn't exactly new information for me, but the depth of how much I rely on Presley for the little things hit me last week when she wasn't around. Anyways, tomorrow won't be as much fun when I'm missing 2 of my favorite people.

What I'm looking forward to: My doctor's appointment! I'm starting to see him every week now so hopefully I'll find out even more about how things are progressing or our outlook for labor and delivery.

Sorry for the photo overload AND for being so late at getting these written and posted... but now we're all up to date! Hope there was something in here to keep you interested... if not, don't worry. Life will be getting pretty darn interesting around here soon so stay tuned :)


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