Six Products I Love: Pregnancy Edition! {thursday thoughts}

Let me start this one off by saying that I wear makeup MAYBE on average about once a week. More likely, even less these days. My hair care routine consists of washing it and towel drying it. So this definitely won't be a fancy or super involved post.

6. Old Navy Maternity Leggings: I used to feel like leggings were not the same as pants. I still kind-of feel this way if we're being completely honest, but it's more like I just DON'T care anymore. I literally wear them all.the.time. I usually find leggings to be uncomfortable in some way shape or form -- either they're too tight, they're bunchy, or they're pinching at my muffin top. These ones are literally perfect. So much so that I'm not looking forward to trying to find non-maternity leggings that I love this much. Anyways, if you're pregnant and looking for some ultra comfy pants that you can dress up or down, check these out!

5. One word: Keurig. They don't make our exact model anymore - we've had it since just before we got married - and we've used it daily over these last 5+ years. We both love brewing just one cup at a time, as needed, and we love the reusable k-cups! Some of our favorite coffee brands are McCafe, LaVazza, and some brand of coffee that I can't name that has an elephant on the front of the bag. But we really aren't too picky - if there is a bag of coffee or box of k-cups on clearance then we will buy and try them at least once! I love my morning cup of coffee but I certainly couldn't stomach any for the longest time during this pregnancy and I'm super happy it's back in my life.

4. One thing I absolutely use every part of every day is a Tervis cup. I drink a ton of water everyday and we have several 24 ounce tumblers that I use in rotation. And because the hospital I'm birthing at this time around doesn't have the awesome big mugs, I just ordered one for during my stay and once we get home. I don't quite know what it is exactly about these mugs that are so wonderful but when you're recovering, sleep deprived, and breastfeeding it's so wonderful to have a nice sturdy cup full of water to have with you. It's got a handle and a big base which makes it harder to spill and easier to carry around. I also really like that it shows the measurements on the outside so you know about how much water you're intaking. Call me a dork, but I love these things and think all hospitals should carry them!

4. Strong ass deodorant. Pregnancy has made me absolutely rely on clinical strength deodorant. So has the hot hot Memphis heat. Oh and there is the chasing my kids around, too. Right now Dove Clinical Protection is my favorite... mostly because the price is right. And it works. I like that it feels light and airy and the smell isn't overwhelming.

3. Netflix & Chromecast: Between the girls and their My Little Pony infatuation and Tony and I unwinding at night (usually with a few episodes of The Office, Parenthood, or Grey's Anatomy) we get some really good use out of both our Netflix account and our Chromecast. I feel like we watch a tad more TV during the day thanks to my lack of energy this pregnancy.

2. The best stretchy undershirt/tank, ever. You can find them at Kohl's, made by Apt. 9, and come in a bunch of different colors. They're wonderful whether you're pregnant or not but man they've sure keep everything covered throughout this pregnancy. I have three or so of them and wear them until they're too stinky or dirty to keep on rotating.

1. BIO OIL! If I could, I would literally bathe in this stuff. It's smooth as butter and smells absolutely amazing and feels so perfect on your skin. And with my skin constantly stretching this stuff is a lifesaver. It's great for dry skin and to minimize the appearance of stretch marks or scars! And it's definitely not greasy. I try and use it on my belly right after getting out of the shower but I don't always succeed. I also have a lot a lot of stretch marks after all three pregnancies. I know using Bio Oil isn't going to make them go away but it certainly does make them less noticeable and my skin feels so much nicer after using it.

Here I am in one of the best stretchy comfy tanks ever AND in the maternity leggings! If I had to guess my belly is probably lathered up in bio oil and I've definitely got some extra strength deodorant on. My tervis full of water is probably right around the corner, too. The kids are probably parked in front of the TV watching Netflix on our Chromecast and the entire day is brought to you by coffee via our Keurig! Ta-da!!!

**Honorable mentions: Sanuk sling sandals (which are soooo comfortable and cute and made out of recycled yoga mats - what's not to love?), Calphalon Stainless Cookware (literally I use them every single day and love them tremendously... YES, you can cook without food sticking to them and what I love most is no bad chemicals that can be found in nonstick!), and my pregnancy pillow (but since I'm really not sleeping all that comfortably lately no matter what I feel like I can't sing it's praises too highly which is why it just didn't make the cut - aka, it's not you, pillow, it's me!)**

So that's it on which products I could think of off the top of my head to recommend to you guys! I'm sure once I'm all done being pregnant wine is going to top the list so check back in with me in a few months or so and my recommendations might be a little bit more exciting. But at this point in my life it seems like all things revolve around comfort! And I love it. Let me know what you think and what things you love!

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