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So... I have an awesome, patient, hardworking, happy-go-lucky, silly, caring, sweet, strong, thoughtful, dedicated husband!!!!  I really do.  This guy gets up before the sun and comes home after it has set nearly every day from work right now being on overtime and I rarely ever even hear a peep out of him about it.  I wouldn't mind if he complained everyday about it either, I'm not marveling at the fact that he doesn't complain about it, I am just so taken aback at his dedication and endless discipline.  He works hard for himself, for me, for our future, and for our growing family at work and then comes home and continues to work most days on various projects around here.  And at the end of his 10 hour workday, he comes home and finds time to put up with me... to be silly with me and to listen to me talk about my day like it's the most interesting thing he's heard all day.  I don't mean to sound like he is a superhero or does more than most husbands out there,…

29 weeks & 3 days!

I am CRAZY about this baby! :)  I am so excited to meet her, honored I get to carry her, feel so special each and every time she kicks me (okay, sometimes, I am still annoyed by the constant kicking!), and just realizing that my life is never going to be the same once I see her face.  With various friends and family members giving birth within the last week (both whom had precious baby girls!) it has really got me anxious for my turn.  What will my labor and delivery experience be like?  I know I have so much to do within these next 10 weeks or so -- including mapping out a birth plan with my OB.  And considering we'll be traveling and out of town for 2 of those weeks, we are really down to 8 weeks of getting things ready around the house and preparing ourselves for the changes to come.  It's plenty of time, but if I keep thinking we have "plenty of time" I will keep putting these major (and minor) things off for another time.

I've been thinking about what to pack…

29 week Pregnancy Reflection!

How far along?:  I am currently in my third trimester at 29 weeks & 2 days  (about 7.5 months) pregnant with my first little baby!

Size of the baby:  This week our baby is the size of a butternut squash!

Gender:  A baby girl!  And man, I am SO ready for her to be here in so many ways.

Movement:  Presley's movement is getting more and more amazing each week.  New this week is feeling specific body parts press out of my skin!!!  Sounds crazy -- it certainly FEELS crazy -- but it is SO awesome.  Today I think it was her fist or something super tiny COMPLETELY poking out of my belly.  She held it there for just long enough for me to rub my hand along it and then went back into hiding.  It was so incredible.

Cravings/Aversions:  Definitely noticed I am craving cinnamon-flavored things!  One of my favorite snacks around the house is a bowl of Special K's cinnamon pecan cereal.  Also, love making cinnamon rolls at home about once a week for a little something special.  Still eating…

The Parent I Want to Be.

Have you ever felt so empowered by the positivity passed on from someone else that you could cry?  Okay, maybe this is coming from a place filled with pregnancy hormones... but really, have you ever felt like that, pregnancy or no pregnancy?  You guessed it, I totally feel like that right now.  Every week I go to prenatal and parenting classes at a local place called "Pregnancy Resources."  They offer pregnant women a chance to learn more about what they embarking on as well as giving free diapers for the classes you attend with chances to earn things like a free crib, car seat, as well as free maternity and baby clothes.  At the class today we discussed ways to be an affirming, attentive, and connected parent as mapped out in the Parrott's book "The Parent You Want to Be" and it filled me full of great ideas.  And for the first time in a LONG time, I am starting to feel at peace with becoming a parent;  knowledge really is power.  I'm starting to feel lik…

28 week Pregnancy Reflection!

How far along?:  As of today I am 28 weeks & 3 days along in my first pregnancy with 11 weeks & 4 days to go!

 Size of the baby:  This week the baby is the size of a small cabbage!

Gender:  Could not be MORE excited for our baby girl!!!!

Movement:  I've found she doesn't move a whole lot while I'm at work in the AM as she probably likes to sleep in if she's anything like her parents!  The most popular time for Presley to be moving around is early-late evening, especially if we're lounging around watching a movie. 

Cravings/Aversions:  This past week I went crazy for fruit eating a TON of clementines, bananas, and honey-crisp apples (why do I have to like the most expensive ones?!).  I had some delicious strawberries as well which was a nice surprise as they're usually icky by this time of year.  I'm also really liking the way milk is tasting and still loving sugary things like candy bars and desserts of all kinds.

I am feeling:  Kinda weird after the gl…

27 week Pregnancy Reflection

How far along?:  Today, I'm 27 weeks & 3 days along in my first pregnancy... 12 weeks & 4 days to go!

Size of the baby:  Baby is the size of a HEAD OF CAULIFLOWER!  Can you believe it?!  Seems like only yesterday we were in Mexico with our family calling the baby "Oliver" because it was the size of an olive!

Gender:  A baby girl!  :)

Movement:  She is moving several times throughout the day --especially right before I drift off to sleep every night.  She's gotten a LOT stronger, too, and when she kicks you can see my belly move from the outside.

Cravings/Aversions:  Still turning my nose up to shrimp, although, cocktail shrimp has actually started to sound really delicious!!!  Craving bananas, clementines, and oddly enough... milk!

I am feeling:  Pretty spectacular!!!! Honestly, no complaints!  I've been feeling great and have had enough energy to get things done around the house as well as working out a few times a week again (although I started to get crampy…

Thanksgiving post.

10 Things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving:
inspired by fellow-blogger, Hannah. :)
check her out at Hannah's Happenings.
My husband.  It's still weird for me to refer to him as that.  He was my friend for the first two years of getting to know each other, my boyfriend for pretty much the next six years, my fiance for a short year and a half, and now he's been my husband for six months.  It feels right that he is my husband, but it still sounds funny coming out of my mouth.  I love that we are newlyweds and that it is all so fresh, but I honestly do look forward to the day when it's hard for me to remember it being any different. 

My family.  I can't imagine what holidays would be like without having family to share it with.  Even though we all get sick of our family from time to time, it is nice to have a day to reflect on how lucky you are to have these weirdos in your life!  I've got a mom who is fabulous and even though we bump heads more often than not, I …

Nursery ideas & good deals!

Oh my goodness!  So, I just made a fabulous purchase from Toys/Babies 'R' Us... something that is just a bit overdue but better late than never.  I finally got some kind of tummy/back support!  I just tried it on, put it all together (which was super easy), and walked around for a bit in it and it felt WONDERFUL.  It's kinda like those lazy days at home, if you go all night and part of the afternoon without wearing a bra and then finally get dressed for the day and put on a bra and you feel some sort of immediate relief... definitely like that for your lower back and the ligaments in your tummy if you've been feeling a pull there with your growing belly!  Although I am pretty forgetful these days, I feel like this is one of the best buys I've made since being pregnant.  (But like I said, I easily forget.)  This is the exact one I got from Babies 'R' Us (regular price:  $30.99) for a little over $17 thanks to a $5 coupon & $10 merchandise credit!

Another …

26 week Pregnancy Reflection

How far along?:  I am 26 weeks & 3 days along in my first pregnancy!  (13 weeks & 4 days to go.)

Weight +/-:  Well, I went to my appointment today and found out I'm +26 lbs.  My doctor told me my weight gain so far has been "wonderful" and that I'm doing fine.  I'm currently having trouble with it because first, that is a lot of weight to gain since May.  And second, I went from gaining little to nothing to gaining a whole lot.  I made sure my doctor realized all this and she laughed and continued to reassure me.  So, really, I just need to remember to eat healthy and stay active to silence my worries!

Size of the baby:  This week the baby is the size of a CUCUMBER!

Gender:  Still a girl as far as we know!  :)  One of the moms at work SWEARS I'm carrying a boy since my belly is a round basketball.

Movement:  Always moving!  I just got paperwork from my doctor that told me to start noticing  her movements.  She should be moving around 10+ times a day and i…


When you want life to speed up, it crawls by; likewise, when you'd appreciate life to slow down for a bit, it flies by.  Anybody else feeling this?  This is especially true around this time of year when there is so much to celebrate and look forward to:  Thanksgiving, family, food, Christmas, presents, joy, Jesus, New Years, friends, etc... This is made even more true when there are big life events looming.  Last year around this time, it was our impending wedding in May.  This year, it is a baby this February.  It is just crazy how quickly life and your priorities can change....I feel like we are behind on a zillion things and find myself constantly thinking, "Well... better late than never, right?"  Do you find that statement to be true?  I sure hope so.  It reminds me to be more forgiving when things involving other people's schedules don't always go along on the schedule of my choosing.At the mall tonight, I swear, store employees were giving me the stink eye…

25 week Pregnancy Reflection

How far along?:  I am already 25 weeks & 3 days along in my first pregnancy.  (On my way to being six an a half months pregnant.)

Size of the baby:  Our baby is still the size of an eggplant this week -- just a little bit bigger, though!

Gender:  We are expecting a sweet baby girl:  Presley Rose.  And even though Tony was hoping for a boy, I think he is more excited to welcome a girl to our family than I am, at times!  :)

Movement:  As usual, just a little moving machine in different parts of the day.  When I lay down at night and she decides to kick, you can outwardly see my belly jump!  It's pretty cool to see how strong she's getting.  She's kicking me right now right where my pants hits my hips... she loves to kick on the belt line as if she's asking for more room or something!  She just kicks over and over and over until I change into my comfy pants!!!  (Now that I'm in my sweatpants, there is far less kicking-- that's my girl!)

Cravings/Aversions:  Hmm...…

Super shopper!

So, as you can see above, I went SHOPPING today and had such a great time!  Let me just tell you that shopping stresses me out these days for a few reasons: 

1) Everything (especially maternity clothes) is so DANG expensive!
I never know what size to buy!
3) I don't feel very sexy which makes it hard to shop!                      But today, the stars aligned, and I enjoyed a shopping trip to Kohl's so so so much.  It really helped that I had my supportive hubby with me to reassure me that I needed some maternity clothes, that I was pretty, and that it was okay to spend some money... not to mention, I just love hanging out with him because he is honestly the best friend and person to hang out with!  Anyways, back to the shopping trip....

I decided to go to Kohl's because I had a $10 off any purchase that they sent out in the mail, so off we went!  Once we got there I was having trouble even finding the maternity section -- it's pretty small at our location -- but wi…

24 week Pregnancy Reflection!

How far along?:  I'm 24 weeks & 3 days along in my first pregnancy!
 (About 15 weeks & 4 days to go...)
Size of the baby:Little Miss Presley Rose is the size of an EGGPLANT this week!

Just about 9 inches & 1.7 pounds!
:  We're expecting a little girl -- so excited for all things pink!

Movement:  She's been keeping pace with the movement of recent weeks - which means her kicks have gotten pretty strong and she can kick up a storm depending on the time of day.  Like last night, it never fails that this child will start kicking me as soon as I get comfortable and start to drift into sleep for the evening.  And since she's a strong kicker, it definitely keeps me up.  (I'm a pretty picky, light sleeper, though.)

Cravings/Aversions:  I don't really think I've had many of these lately.  The closest thing to a craving I've had lately took place today at Walgreens.  I stopped by to pick up a few things and happened to catch my eye on some Biscoff c…