29 weeks & 3 days!

I am CRAZY about this baby!  :)  I am so excited to meet her, honored I get to carry her, feel so special each and every time she kicks me (okay, sometimes, I am still annoyed by the constant kicking!), and just realizing that my life is never going to be the same once I see her face.  With various friends and family members giving birth within the last week (both whom had precious baby girls!) it has really got me anxious for my turn.  What will my labor and delivery experience be like?  I know I have so much to do within these next 10 weeks or so -- including mapping out a birth plan with my OB.  And considering we'll be traveling and out of town for 2 of those weeks, we are really down to 8 weeks of getting things ready around the house and preparing ourselves for the changes to come.  It's plenty of time, but if I keep thinking we have "plenty of time" I will keep putting these major (and minor) things off for another time.

My huge belly!
I've been thinking about what to pack for the hospital lately, as well.  I really love the checklist the Similac website offers.  And I'm excited to get to the point where I should start packing the bag!  The excitement of it all is helping me get things done around here because as those of you who know me, I am more of a type B personality when it comes to doing things!  I feel like I'm starting to formulate in my mind all the loose ends (like cleaning out my car...) that need to be tackled soon in addition to the more obvious things that need to be done around the house.  Now, to throw myself into doing these things that my mind is thinking of at a million miles an hour... if I could just get my body to move as fast as my mind in this area!!!

That's about all for tonight... just felt the need to empty out my brain a bit before the night ends for me!


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