Baby 3.0: 33 Weeks

33 weeks pregnant with Crosby with about 7 weeks left to go!
I'm feeling: My energy has been in short supply. Sleep is getting a little trickier. My patience have been thinner than usual lately, or at least it has felt that way. I told Presley and Molly earlier this week (after Molly was really testing me in the store) that my patience were so tiny I could barely see them! Tonight at bedtime Presley was playing with her buddies and Tony and she told one of her buddies she couldn't see her patience because they were so small. It was HILARIOUS to hear that come out of her mouth. But overall, I'm still getting around well enough. I'm still feeling pretty good! It's all worth it knowing there is a little human in the making.

Cravings: Pickles. Potatoes. I made potato skins this weekend that really hit the spot! Not a whole lot in the food department that I'm not a fan of these days.

Baby's size: He's already between 17-19 inches long and possibly between 4-6 pounds.

{L to R} 33 weeks with each baby - Presley, Molly, Crosby

High for the week: I loved having lunch with my family and my in-laws today and then going shopping with my girls and mother-in-law! I love good deals and found a puddle jumper for Molly on clearance for just over $8! I also ran into some family friends while out shopping that I haven't seen in several years and it was so wonderful to see them. And as always, I love hanging out with my girls everyday!

Low for the week: Realizing Presley's first day of pre-k is a little over two weeks away. I know it could be all the extra hormones surging through my system right now that's making me feel so incredibly weepy about this moment, but I think it's mostly just me and my feelings regardless of hormone levels. She's my baby. My first baby. I've been with her damn near every moment of her life thus far. I'm her primary caregiver. She's with me when we wake up and I'm with her up until she goes to bed at night. When we decided to send her to preschool I was okay with this - I wanted this for her. I looked up some of the best, most recommended programs in our area that worked into our budget. I thought it might even be really nice to have some time apart... a little more space in my day and maybe a bit less stress. Now? I am falling to pieces over it. To me, this is the beginning of the end of a certain chapter in my life with Presley.  She'll never be staying home with me anymore. It's the start of her not needing me so much anymore and that terrifies me. What is that life like? I haven't lived that part of parenthood before. It's trusting other people (who are strangers to me at this point) to love and cherish and care for Presley the way I would... basically for the rest of her life. I'll lose a little bit more every year.

I know, I know. There are going to be beautiful things. I will get to watch my child grow and flourish and become this amazing version of herself. There will be things she will gain, a little more each year. I know this will mean a little extra time for Molly - and Crosby. I know there will be wonderful things on the horizon for me in regards to this stage for Presley. Right now though, I'm sad about it. And I want to be sad. I don't feel the joy and I don't want to. Oh, and I want to homeschool. But ya know, maybe we'll see how it goes with pre-k first before we jump the gun on anything else.

What I'm excited for: Seeing the doctor again this week. It's always reassuring and also nice to have a moment every few weeks to focus solely on little Crosby. I absolutely love watching the Olympics - especially the US women's indoor volleyball and the US women's beach volleyball! They've been doing so well and it is incredible watching these teams play, so I'm looking forward to more of that. Tony's also got Saturday off this week and I always look forward to a little more time together as a family! I'd also like to put my hospital bag together this week and I am pretty excited about that.


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