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Tuesday's Topics: Nine Pictures

Picking nine pictures of Tony and I is kinda a crazy task... what do I base my choices on?  How do I sum up the 12+ years of our life together in nine pictures?  Well, I'm going to try to pick pictures most of you haven't seen 200 times already all while painting a complete picture of our story.  So here we go.

None of these pictures would have been possible without Tony.  He's my best friend.  He's my boyfriend.  He's my husband.  He's so much to me... much more than any title could hold.  He is a part of me that I don't even fully know how to explain.  But it's incredible to me that our love can blossom over the years and make such a beautiful life possible for us.  This journey we are on is one of the most hilarious, painful, and amazing I have ever embarked on an

Marriage Monday: Sarah's Guest Post - Just the Two of Us

Let me start by saying I do NOT have an independent personality. At all. I've never lived alone, never seen a movie by myself or eaten by myself in a restaurant and my friends will tell you that I always had someone with me to even go to the bathroom throughout high school and college. Yes, I was that girl. I thrive when I'm around others and the majority of the happiest moments in my life have included family and friends in some way or another. Maybe it's because I'm an extrovert. Maybe it's because I often find boredom in solitude. But whatever it is, the move to Cleveland, Ohio was a big one for me.

Sure I had been with Derek for over 7 years, but do you know how many people we knew up here? Zero. A big fat zilch. In fact, I really didn't know anyone in the entire state of Ohio. Our friends and family were mostly 13+ hours away and worse, I would be working from home. It's was nice gig, but there wouldn't be co-workers to meet or friends to be made …

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This weeks prompts are {eating, loving, missing, moving, talking}
Eating:  Crunchtables.  Our favorite.  Man, they are so delicious.  I wish it wasn't such small servings per package, though.  Tony and I are always fighting for the last few!

Loving:  Dave.  {As in Dave Matthews/Dave Matthews Band.}  I swear, there is something spiritual about his songs.  They speak to me on a different level than anything I've ever listened to.  My favorite album {at the moment - it's constantly changing} of his.

Missing:  Spontaneity.  Just jumping in the car and going somewhere.  Going out to see a movie late at night.  Doing anything - even grocery shopping - at the drop of a hat and at whatever odd time worked.  No schedule.  No nap time to work around.  No breastfeeding.  No bedtime routine.  It's not like I mind any of that stuff - most of it I am enthusiastic about - but just a few days a month I would like a free day.

Moving:  Too slow.  I move too slow {need to start running}.  Ti…

Tuesday's Topics: Ten Reasons to Smile.

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Presley learning to kiss.  Presley has been giving kisses for a while now, but her little kisses just keep getting sweeter and sweeter!  Now she'll make the "mwah!" sound at the end of a kiss and it just makes me smile.

Fresh brewed coffee + my favorite coffee-mate creamer.  Yum.  I look forward to the mornings for this reason.  {Best creamer, ever!}

Clif bars.  If they weren't so darn expensive, we would buy these all the time because Tony and I sure got hooked on them after finding them on clearance!  {My current favorite.}

Green things.  It is so gorgeous now that all the rain has really brought everything to life outside!  The view from our window is so vastly different than it was a few weeks/months ago.

Encouragement.  One of my favorite Pinterest boards focuses on encouraging words and some days when things don't seem to be very sunny, I get lost in pinning all kinds of upli…

Marriage Monday: Happy 2nd Anniversary, Baby!

I, Ali,

take you, Tony,

to be my husband

To have 

and to hold

From this day forward

For better 

or for worse

For richer, 

for poorer

In sickness 

and in health

until death do us part. 

It's incredible to me that we last said those words to each other two years ago.  Two years ago...?  I start to ask myself where the time has gone, but I know exactly what has made those two years feel like they've both lasted a lifetime and somehow passed in the blink of an eye...

Two years ago I thought I knew everything there was to know about the man I married.  I was wrong.  I had never known Tony as a father - even more so - the father of our child.  I think about the incredibly bumpy ride we've taken over these last 24 months.  {The days before we were parents feels as if it were an entire lifetime ago and that we were two completely different people then.  Anybody else able to empathize with that feeling?}  How

My Favorite Bloggers!

I like to think of myself as somewhat selective in the blogs I read, so when I find ones I enjoy reading regularly, I really do become attached!  Here are five blogs I enjoy and recommend checking out:

exodus31three - I love reading Courtney's blog and I'm so happy to have come across it.  The thing I enjoy most is the fact that Courtney, her husband, myself, and my husband share the same hometown!  Since Tony and I no longer live in Memphis, Tennessee - I feel like we can vicariously live through the two of them through the words and pictures in her blog.  I also love how creative she is and how descriptive her words are!  {Oh, and if you haven't been to Memphis before, go and check it out sometime.  It's a very fun city and I don't think you would be disappointed.}

our journey.  I feel like I could be friend's with Tara - her blogs are simply written and I can almost always relate to what she is talking about!  She is such a great story teller - she shares abo…

Baby Number Two.

Now don't get too excited, there is no baby on the way!  But it seems like this is a popular topic of discussion lately.  It's really no wonder I've had baby fever!

Why Tony and I are talking about it:

We are at a pretty great stage right now.  Presley is becoming more self sufficient.  We are well enough out of the newborn phase where all of the "there is no way in HELL I am ever doing this again!" has worn off.  And not only that, but Presley is such a jewel in our life that it is a motivator for wanting another!  Who would have thought!?  I just find myself thinking all the time how blessed we would be to have another beautiful child when I look at Presley.

Why others are talking about it:

No more exciting pregnancy stuff and no more exciting newborn stuff... people are ready for some excitement from us, it seems, because as I said before - expanding our family is a subject that's come up with friends & family lately.  And really, it isn't somethin…

I'm a Mother Lover!

How was everyone's Mothers Day?!  I hope it was exactly what you needed it to be, whether that is relaxing, adventurous, or somewhere in between!

I spent the majority of Mothers Day this past Sunday with my husband, daughter, and mom in Peoria, Illinois - which is about 1.5 hours from where we live.  Well, let me back up a bit... the first surprise of the day was Presley waking us up an hour earlier than she normally does - silly girl!  And then Tony made the most delicious breakfast tacos for us before we left for Peoria - Italian sausage, red bell pepper, hash browns, and scrambled eggs!!!  Then we played at home with Presley, my mom came over, and we hit the road.  My husband then surprised me by taking us to McAlister's Deli for lunch, which was one of our all-time favorite places to eat when we lived in Memphis.  Peoria is the closest location for us so in the past we've tripped to Peoria solely for McAlister's - sad but true!  I love my husband for doing that.  …