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This weeks prompts are {eating, loving, missing, moving, talking}

Eating:  Crunchtables.  Our favorite.  Man, they are so delicious.  I wish it wasn't such small servings per package, though.  Tony and I are always fighting for the last few!

Loving:  Dave.  {As in Dave Matthews/Dave Matthews Band.}  I swear, there is something spiritual about his songs.  They speak to me on a different level than anything I've ever listened to.  My favorite album {at the moment - it's constantly changing} of his.

Missing:  Spontaneity.  Just jumping in the car and going somewhere.  Going out to see a movie late at night.  Doing anything - even grocery shopping - at the drop of a hat and at whatever odd time worked.  No schedule.  No nap time to work around.  No breastfeeding.  No bedtime routine.  It's not like I mind any of that stuff - most of it I am enthusiastic about - but just a few days a month I would like a free day.

Moving:  Too slow.  I move too slow {need to start running}.  Time moves too slow.  Our life moves at a slow speed right now it feels like... it takes us 5-10 minutes just to walk out of the house!  :)  I wonder what it'll be like once Presley can walk on her own!

Talking:  To friends.  It's been a really great week when it comes to connecting and reconnecting with friends - old and new.  I love it.  I have a feeling the weekend is going to follow suit.

Sheesh.  I'm feeling pretty dull this week.  I'm so excited that we've nearly got our marathon relay team together!  And the more we talk about the race, the more psyched I get.  Thanks to 12th House Studio for making such awesome shirts {check them out!} we've even got race day shirts picked out for our team!  The race isn't until the end of September... which is both good {I haven't even started running yet!} and bad {I'm so excited!} because it's still four months away!  It'll be our first time running the relay and I'm psyched to be running the race with my hubby and some of my family members!  Anybody else running any cool races this summer?

That's what we're currently up to in the Duggan household!  If you want to participate and share what you're currently up to, follow the link below!


  1. I love DMB too! There are a few songs that I've listened to over and over so many times I lost count in the thousands! Oh and you're lucky it takes only 10 minutes to leave the house. It's such an ordeal here I'm lucky if we get out after about half an hour! LOL! It's much easier when hubby is home to help though.
    I'm not running any marathons but I'm thinking about doing a couch to 5k... we'll see..

  2. I have been in love with Dave Matthew's Band for a long while. LOVE Them!


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