Presley's Birthday Eve.

Holy freaking guacamole.  I just feel like I'm not ready for this.  I don't feel like I've let it all set in that Presley is turning two tomorrow and it makes me so sad.  I wish there weren't so many things going on at once that has kept me from really processing this.  Not that there is really some huge life changing thing that occurs with a birthday... it really is just another day like any other, but I feel like it is monumental in the big scheme.  Or maybe it's just the opposite.  I don't know.

But my first baby is about to double her age overnight.  It's just surreal and the thing I don't want to happen here is let it pass by without making it special for her.  I see these parents out there making occasions so special for their kids - Valentines Day, Christmas, Birthdays, etc.. and we have yet to really start on that.  And I worry that maybe we (Presley, Tony, and I) are missing out on something fun.

Birthday plans as of now?  Hopefully spending tomorrow doing the things she enjoys... if it's a nice day then we will go to the park and probably the zoo.  She also loves the play area at the mall, so maybe I'll take her there.  She likes Chick-Fil-A, so I wouldn't mind taking her there for lunch - maybe have Tony meet us there on his break.  For dinner we are heading to Texas Roadhouse because they e-mailed us a free kids meal for her special day!  She will love that atmosphere!!  Then the real celebration takes place this Saturday.  Since we aren't in a home of our own yet, we decided to make reservations at a local hotel so that we could enjoy some swimming, pizza, and cupcakes with friends and family who can make it!  We planned on either doing a Tangled (Disney movie) or Sesame Street theme... but as I said before, it seems silly going over the top with a theme when it's not necessary.  I just want her to have a good time.  And it's been a crazy few weeks!

And being the silly, hormonal, pregnant lady I am... I decided to make the cupcakes for her party... the flavors I chose?  Half will be lemon... and half will be strawberry.  Silly.  But hopefully delicious.  Haven't decided the exact flavor to go with for the icing - but they'll both be iced the same way to keep it simple.  Can't wait to see her dig right into one, either!!!

Welp.  I had big plans for writing out all my thoughts, opinions, emotions... etc. but they seem to just be non-existent right now, as I've sorta mentioned before.  Maybe it'll hit me tonight.  Or maybe tomorrow on her birthday.  Maybe next week.  Maybe this is it!  Who knows.  In the meantime, we'll be celebrating our sweet girls birthday in whatever fashion feels right, I guess, and I'm just getting very excited!  I'm off to enjoy the last day with my little one year old...

Presley flexing her muscles like Ashie!
We went to Chattanooga for a weekend visit with Ashie and Jojo!
We stopped through Nashville to see Annie, Amanda & Sammy!
They were so sweet and had a great time together!!
Story time with Amanda!
Presley loving on Mickey ;)
Presley & I at Overton Park!

Have a happy week everybody!!!!


  1. So much fun! To keep things simple (which will help your stress level!) I think vanilla icing would be perfect. Easy to make in bulk if you're doing that, it can be colored, and I think both flavors of cupcake would be yummy with vanilla. :)


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