It's a GIRL!

We found out today that we are expecting a baby girl in July!

Words can't even begin to describe how at peace I feel after seeing that out baby was alive and healthy today via ultrasound. We are so blessed with that technology! Though I didn't get to experience it next to my husband, my little sister got to be there with me today!!!! Amazing! I just feel so lucky.

And in case you don't believe me, here is the proof:

Now... To come up with a name for this little lady!!! We have ZERO girl names picked out. (And of course already chose our boys name!!!). Any suggestions? :)


  1. congrats! How exciting! I'm sure Presley will make a great big sister. And they can be fun sister friends when they get older. I'm always envious of those who have sisters! I got stuck with two brothers :)

  2. Oh I am so happy for you guys! Another precious baby girl to love! :) Better look for a house with a large attic above the garage because when the girls hit the teens Tony is probably going to want to move out once a month... that's what my hubby says he's gonna do! LOL :)


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