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Happies & Crappies! {link-up}

Totally have been forgetting about this fun link-up!  Well, it's officially summer and the days have definitely been blurring together just like they do every year around this time... so hopefully I can keep things straight!  So, without keeping you in suspense, here are this weeks high & low moments...

 The biggest happy of the week is definitely having my big sister & niece in town!  Yes, they just got in town today, but I'm obviously already enjoying them being here.The weather!  Goodness gracious, I think we had the most perfect weather today.  The sun was out yet it never felt as if it were beating down on us.  It was warm enough outside to wear a tank top but there was a beautiful breeze all day.  Having more CLEAN laundry throughout the house than dirty.PROP8 being overturned in California.  One love, baby!  A childhood friend of mine said it best:
"Let's get a few things straight... 1. We as CHRISTIANS are called to love one another. PERIOD. It doesn&…

10 Things... {Blogging with Purpose link-up}

Several of my blog friends are linking up with Becky today for the "10 Things I Live For" link up.  I love the blogging with a purpose idea and even love this link up... but I think the wording is a little drastic... so I am going to write about 10 things that make me really really happy!  PS, two blogs in one day?!  Who am I?

10.  STARBUCKS.  How different can coffee from a magic drive-thru window really taste that different from coffee at home?  Who knows... but Starbucks is definitely one of my favorite pick-me-ups every once in a while.  My favorites?  Tall coffee frap with whip - this is my go to... mostly because of the taste and the low price!  Venti black tea lemonade with half the pumps (of sweetener) - this became my obsession during my time working at Build-A-Bear in the Collierville Mall (thanks to the best boss EVER, Paula!) and the taste of this drink is pure summer to me.  Venti Tuxedo (hot) with 2 pumps of each syrup - I only get this drink when I have earne…

Marriage Monday: Ashley's Guest Post - How Divorce Has Shaped My Marriage

"I was feeling pretty good. You see, I've been lifting weights all summer for football. So yeah, I was feeling pretty good when I marched into that classroom on the first day of classes. I saw this really pretty girl sitting in front of the classroom. I noticed that there was a woman sitting across from this pretty girl, and figured that this woman was our professor. I approached this girl, cleared my throat, and gave my best smile while saying hello. And...nothing. This girl didn't even look up at me...didn't even acknowledge me at all. That was a blow to my ego, and I played it off as if it was nothing. I muttered, what a witch (okay, I may have used a different word that rhymed with a witch). I sat all way back in the classroom, and tried to feel better about myself. Suddenly, I saw another woman entering the classroom, and announced herself as our English professor. I was quite confused. Wasn't that other woman sitting across from this pretty girl our professo…

What's New?!

 Time to empty out the brain!
Feeling guilty for not blogging more often.  I feel like I'm really going to regret not writing more about the happenings going on around here every so often.
Weather is finally HOT here.  Like, hot hot.  Presley has been loving her little pool.  I keep trying to talk Tony into getting one for all three of us to at least sit in (like this one)!  So far, no luck.  I think he has the right idea, though!  We've been spending lots of time outside these days as a family between our fun bike rides to local parks and spontaneous happenings like the Greek Festival!  It's never a dull moment here and I live for times as a family.

Presley got her first molar - up top on her right side!  It was poking through her gums when I checked the other day... but I'm not sure of any of the others because she absolutely hates when I fish around in her mouth.  I know they're all very close, though.
Oh, and while we're talking about some of Presley's fir…