10 Things... {Blogging with Purpose link-up}

Several of my blog friends are linking up with Becky today for the "10 Things I Live For" link up.  I love the blogging with a purpose idea and even love this link up... but I think the wording is a little drastic... so I am going to write about 10 things that make me really really happy!  PS, two blogs in one day?!  Who am I?

10.  STARBUCKS.  How different can coffee from a magic drive-thru window really taste that different from coffee at home?  Who knows... but Starbucks is definitely one of my favorite pick-me-ups every once in a while.  My favorites?  Tall coffee frap with whip - this is my go to... mostly because of the taste and the low price!  Venti black tea lemonade with half the pumps (of sweetener) - this became my obsession during my time working at Build-A-Bear in the Collierville Mall (thanks to the best boss EVER, Paula!) and the taste of this drink is pure summer to me.  Venti Tuxedo (hot) with 2 pumps of each syrup - I only get this drink when I have earned a free drink at Starbucks!  Otherwise, if I'm in the mood for a tuxedo, I will typically get a tall!

09.  My first family.  Nothing can replace your first family for you.  They are a part of you just as much as your blood and DNA is a part of you.  Or at least that's how it is for me.  My sisters and parents really make me happy.  Whether it's reminiscing over old memories (like LIVING in the playroom on the pull-out couch every summer or watching dad feed all our leftover vegetables to Scrappy) or making new ones - the love and loyalty I feel for my "first" family will not ever fade.

 08.  Pinterest.  I'm currently embarking on a Pinterest-worthy DIY craft here at home that requires some "up-cycling" and I'm pretty excited about it!  It will probably be finished tomorrow so be on the lookout for a new post about that here soon!  I really just love all the beautiful, creative ideas out there.

07.  My extended family.  My in-laws.  Our aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  I love spending time with family and when that's not possible, I enjoy keeping up with them via preferred social networks!  Meeting extended family on my dad's side last summer for the first time in many years was something I enjoyed so much more than I could have ever imagined.  Spending time in Mississippi with Tony's family 24/7 for several days while we're in town.  Family holidays at my Aunt Jills or Uncle Jeffs and laughing about anything and everything over and over again.  Visiting my Gramma in Florida and having a Thanksgiving feast right on the beach.  Spending the weekend at Breanne & Dustin's in Wisconsin.  I mean... those moments are made by the company we are with, not by the activities we do or the movies we watch or anything like that.  All those moments are legendary because of the love and laughs we have shared together.

 06.  Walt Disney World.  Okay, even though I just said it sounded dramatic, I swear WDW is something I literally live for!  Does that make me awesome or pathetic?  Well, that is for you to decide but personally I think it makes me AWESOME!  I am always thinking of cool things for us to do the next time we visit the Disney parks... rides to ride, attractions to visit, restaurants to sit at while a parade goes by or during a fireworks show, resorts to stay at, characters to see, etc... Disney is one of my favorite and probably most frequent day dreams.  I cannot wait to see Presley experience the Disney magic for the first time and just can't wait to go together as a family.  Do we have any plans to go anytime soon?  Not necessarily (we are going to stop in Orlando & do downtown Disney towards the end of July during our family beach vacay) - but it is something that we will absolutely do one of these days!

05.  Our friends.  Man oh man.  Our friends has seen us through some of the most hilarious times and some of the most awful as well (and vice versa) and we are so lucky to have them all.  Our lives are all going in 295787460 different directions and yet we still find ways to bring our lives together and that is what matters!  I am so thankful for the happiness each and every one of our friends bring to me!

04.  Netflix streaming.  I've written about it numerous times before... but man oh man... what did we do before we had this??  Tony gets to watch Top Gear every night before bed (what is he gonna do once he is all caught up?!) and I get to watch whatever I fancy once he goes to bed... and of course througout the day Presley gets to watch her beloved "ABBY!" (aka, Sesame Street) - so we are all pleased!  And at $8 a month you just can't beat that price.  Who needs to pay a hefty cable bill when you have this?

03.  Body Escentials by Partylite.  Ladies and gentleman, I am pleased to introduce you to the best lotion... in the world!  And yet, I hate to tell you, it is DISCONTINUED.  Once I learned that PartyLite was getting rid of my beloved lotion, I bought 3-4 bottles.  I should have bought 20!  I didn't believe they would really discontinue the lotion and there was an expiration date on the bottle so I didn't want the lotion to go bad (whatever that means).  As my supply is dwindling, I am getting so sad that I will never have this product again!  Anyone have a favorite lotion they recommend?
RIP best lotion, ever.

02.  Photos.  Old ones, new ones, candid, professional portraits, action shots... you name it.  Can you tell that I am just in love and obsessed with pictures and picture-taking?!

01.  My tiny family.  I really do live for days that we spend with each other.  A few days ago when Tony was mowing the grass and me and Presley were playing outside - it just all felt so awesome.  Every time Tony would move out of our sight Presley would stare off in his direction and wait patiently for him to reappear just for her to scream and wave at him!  It was so precious.  There is nothing better than feeling loved by the people you love so much.  But really, an even better feeling is knowing the ones you love most love each other so completely as well!  It may not always be so picture perfect around here, but those moments when it is perfect is enough to keep you running on the days when it maybe doesn't feel so blissful.
Nursing Presley in the bathroom during the extreme weather we were having this afternoon. In my head, I was doing this to keep Presley calm, but really, I did this to keep MYSELF calm! :)  And yes, Presley is playing with my phone while nursing. Hello 21st Century.

  Hope you enjoyed the photo overload tonight.  If you'd like to link up, click the button below!


  1. Love that last pic of Tony and Presley! :) And also, did Presley put those olives on her fingers? If so, I am super impressed! :)

  2. A fellow Disney lover!!! I have been meaning to attempt several crafts I've seen on Pinterest... have you seen the diy mercury glass lamps? Yep, that's the one. Stopping by from 52 weeks of blogging with a purpose and a new follower!

  3. I am enjoying getting caught up on your blog :) And I agree Netflix is fab...my husband and I were very sad when we finally wrapped up the 8 seasons of The office on there ha!


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