28 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby #2}

How far along?:  I am currently 28 weeks along in my second pregnancy.  This means somewhere around 12 weeks to go!  According to just about every stranger I encounter - "JULY?!?  There is NO WAY you'll make it to July!"  As you could imagine, hearing this is not comforting at all.

I am feeling:  Really great as long as I'm not trying to get from sitting on the ground to standing up quickly.  I was feeling kinda crampy (for lack of a better term) last night but it went away as soon as I laid down - thank goodness.
Size of baby:  Roughly the size of a head of cauliflower - around 2.5 pounds & 16 inches!
Weekly growth milestone:  Apparently, babies start hiccuping around this time.  (Uhh oh!)  Babies at this stage of development start having REM in their sleep cycle - which means she could be dreaming already.  Also, Molly should start settling into the proper position for birth.
Movement:  I put a flashlight up to my belly the other day and Molly started to REALLY kick me.  Her movements are now pretty visible on the outside, though she doesn't do a whole lot of moving.
What I miss most:  Being able to breathe more normally.  I also miss it being just the three of us - the anxiety of what's to come has been getting to me lately.  Not to mention, keeping up with Presley at this stage is still not a problem - but it is more tiresome!
Cravings:  Cucumbers & ranch. Strawberries. Peaches. Bananas. Things topped with chili and cheese sound sooo good (fries, hotdogs, baked potatoes... etc).
Best moment of the week:  It was awesome having a date night - thanks to my husband for arranging it & taking me out, my mother-in-law for coming to hang out with Presley, & Presley for being such an awesome kid!  I had a lot of fun going to Lowe's the next day all together, too.  I'm sure if you asked my husband, the best part of the week for him was picking out his new mower!

What I'm excited about:  Weirdly enough, I'm excited to take the glucose tolerance test next week.  In so many ways I am not looking forward to it - but it will be comforting to know the results.  Not to mention, I have another ultrasound scheduled at the same appointment and I am very much hoping to get a good photo of Miss Molly at this far into my pregnancy!  (Last time she was literally curled in a ball and the technician never even got a peek at her face.)  I'm excited about visiting the maternal fetal medicine doctor the following week, as well, to hopefully gain a better understanding of what's going on with Molly.  I'm also excited for consistently warmer temps and more visits to the park!

For those who read my review & entered the Preggers gift card giveaway, a winner was drawn by Rafflecopter a few days ago and Amanda Carrico is the lucky winner!  I planned on publishing this one earlier in the week - but I am just now getting around to it.  Thanks again to everyone who entered the drawing & better luck next time, homies!!!


  1. I swear some people have no tact. Plus, they don't think about the fact that they're not the first one to say that to you, and all those people's comments just add up and make you feel terrible! Or at least that was the case with me! Don't they know that second (and beyond) pregnancies start showing sooner? And have they ever seen how much our bodies have to grow in order to hold another human inside? And by the way, I'm much less gloom and doom these days about having more than 1 kid at home! :) Some days are harder if I don't get much sleep the night before, but for the most part, things are settling down a bit and getting much better! You'll be able to do it, and you'll be great at it. If not at first, then eventually... at least that's what I keep telling myself!! :) Lol! Plus, it helps having been there before, and knowing that the newborn stage doesn't last forever (nursing a lot, etc.) Love you!


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