Happies & Crappies.

Today is so not my day.  The beginning of today was so not my day.  Thankfully, it all turned around and ended on a sweet note.

  •  Drove over an hour round trip to Memphis Lights Gas & Water downtown to pick up some paperwork that MLGW sent to our new home but never ended up making it to us somehow... they told me I had to visit their office as they couldn't send it back out (awesome).  Of course it is in the 30s-40s today and VERY windy + Presley has a cold and a very runny nose.  Great combo!  The trip ended up being a WASTE of time (don't even want to get into that fact).
  • To top of the morning's trip - while Presley and I were crossing the street, we hit the trolley tracks just right wrong and the stroller flipped over to where Presley landed face down on the pavement and I landed belly first right into the handlebars.  iPod, iPhone, and keys go flying everywhere... all in the middle of the street!!!!  AHHH!  I just wanted to give up.  Poor Presley was SO upset because I'm sure that did not feel good.  I gave Presley the option of getting back in the stroller or walking the rest of the way and needless to say the stroller became obsolete after that accident.
    This is pretty much EXACTLY where we bit the dust in the road.
  • Once we were home, Presley somehow rolled off the couch while she was laying there.  This girl cannot catch a break today!
  • I'm not sure what caused it to be exact, but now that Presley is in her room for a nap, I have got a splitting headache.
  • Seems like no matter when we try to plan a trip to visit Amanda, John, Anne Marie, Sammy & new baby Matthew - something comes up and makes it a little more difficult to execute. 
  • Just been missing my QC friends a whole heck of a lot lately.  It sucks that so many of them were just becoming mommies as I was leaving and now not only am I missing out on their sweet friendship but also missing out on the mommy/kiddo moments we could have had.  I know life goes on and our friendships will, too, but it's just been bumming me the heck out lately.
  • I've had Disney on the brain lately and just constantly find myself dreaming of going back on my honeymoon with Tony again.  I know that we would probably be homesick the moment we got there for our Presley girl and wish she were with us... but a toddler at WDW sounds like less of a vacation to me then if it were just the two of us.  Not to mention, financially, that kinda trip just won't be happening anytime soon!  But for some reason I just can't tell my brain to drop it!!! 

  • Tony & I got to go on our first date in a long long time and it was so nice!  My mother-in-law came over to spend the night on Saturday and watched Presley while Tony & I went out to dinner at Chipotle!  We just watched the Chipotle special on Netflix and it really made us want to go there.  And it was DELICIOUS.  Seriously awesome, fresh, good food!
  • When we wiped out in the middle of the road downtown, this nice guy ran over to us from way down the street to make sure we were okay.  He told me I was doing a really good job taking care of my baby and that she was a tough little girl.  He offered her a cough drop - which was sooo nice but I had to decline because sometimes the crazy people ARE the nice ones!  Even with the minor creepy factor, it was really touching that he would come all that way to check on us.
  • My OB/GYN office called me today to give me the information for our referral to the maternal fetal medicine doctor for Molly's kidneys.  My appointment is about two weeks away and thankfully on a Monday so hopefully Tony will be able to take off that day and go with me.
  • Speaking of kidneys... I get frequent e-mails from WebMD on various topics and yesterday I randomly got an e-mail on the function of kidneys!  I thought that was a nice little refresher and a funny coincidence.
  • Thankfully, Matthew's baptism is coming up in a few weeks.  So, even if we can't coordinate a trip, we will definitely be meeting him then.  (Which hopefully we can just do both - go visit them and then see them again on baptism weekend!)  That weekend should definitely be a good one - a bunch of family in town PLUS we're having our housewarming party the day before his baptism!  Can't wait!!!
  • I took a short, glorious nap while Presley napped.  Didn't plan on it, but definitely must have needed it. 
  • For the second day in a row, I was able to run errands sans Presley after Tony got home from work.  He's such a good man/husband/daddy/lover! :)
  • Since the weather turned cold today (and tonight), Tony had the great idea to use our fireplace for the first time!  HEAVENLY.  And he suggested chicken tortilla soup for dinner - another huge hit.  (I used the recipe above plus lime juice, salsa in place of rotel, black beans, cumin, chili powder, minced garlic... and topped it with shredded cheese, avocado, & tortilla strips! YUM.)  Ended the evening with some of our leftover peach cobbler.  YUM!


  1. I have Disney on the brain as well. I *think* we are going to attempt to get there in October of 2015. That is our current goal *if* we can get enough saved up for the trip by then.

  2. I'm sorry your day started out crappy! But it sounds like you ended up having a great night! I can totally relate to feeling some distance in your friendships. Hopefully that doesn't last long!


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