22 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby 2!}

How far along?:  22 weeks along in my second pregnancy... which means 18 weeks until we meet our baby girl!  I cannot wait to see her features... who will she look like?  What will labor be like this time around?  How big will she be?  What color hair/eyes will she have?  Now that it's not just me and Tony - but Presley as well - it is so exciting to wonder who she will look most like.  And perhaps she will look completely unique! 

I'm feeling:  A bit self conscious about how big I look for only being about halfway through.  I know I'm pregnant, I know it's normal to show quicker your 2nd time around, and I know it's healthy to gain weight.  I know, I know, I know.  Since I didn't get down to a weight I would have preferred before getting pregnant this time around, I am a little unhappy when I hop on the scale.  I think the true unhappiness stems from the fact that I am not very active (at all).  Otherwise, I'm feeling good.  Haven't felt overly tired and haven't felt sick in a long time.

Size of baby:  Wow!  This baby girl is about the size of a spaghetti squash this week - weighing in at 1 whole pound and measuring about 8 inches.

Movement:  Definitely been feeling her move and kick lately.  Typically, it's after Presley goes to bed at night.  Tony has yet to catch one this pregnancy... I'm thinking it'll happen soon though.

What I miss most:   My sexy pre-baby body!  JUST KIDDING... didn't have one of those.  I miss what I looked like on our honeymoon.  And I do miss having my body to myself.  I know it'll be a while before I have that again considering breastfeeding will hopefully last a while.  I do miss the idea of alone time with my husband - but right now we still have this after Presley's bedtime so I can't do too much complaining.  I also can't believe that one day (soon) I'll be missing alone time with my goose (Presley).  Life is sure gonna change - but it'll be a great thing!  I know that much because looking at how full Presley's made our life just makes it clear that this baby girl is going to do just the same in her own little way!

What I'm excited about:  naming this kid!  I don't care if we literally have to go through every name in the baby book - we are going to find something soon.  We don't have anything big going on tonight so I really want to get Presley to sleep at a decent time so we can seriously dedicate the night to trying to name our baby.  I don't want to keep putting off this conversation.  So I'm very excited for tonight.  I'm excited to hear back from the sellers tonight about the house we are hoping to make ours!  22 days until closing and there are so many hurdles to jump before we get to that point so I am just hoping we can make it all work and fit in that time.

Cravings:  Chinese food, sushi, salads with tons of chopped up veggies, Mexican food, meat (steaks, burgers, ribs... etc), and still BBQ baked potatoes.  Just a lot of food, really.  Doesn't help that I feel starving right now!!!!  Heading to the kitchen now...


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