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Today, right now, and for the next 11 days... I will be HOPING that everything continues to go smoothly with the home we are pursuing.  As most of you homeowners know, buying a home is such a process - there are so many steps you need to take before you can even reach the next hurdle.  Just when you think you've reached some real success you begin to realize it's really not over until the fat lady sings!  There are some potential problems that aren't an issue yet (and I hope they won't materialize!!!) but I can't help but prepare myself for all worse-case scenarios!  14 days until closing & I pray that timeline is still going to work!!!!

Also WONDERING when I will be tired of watching the new Hunger Games movie Catching Fire.  I watch it pretty much every day during Presley's nap time and any other evening after her bedtime if there is nothing worth watching on TV.  It makes me want to unpack the book series as soon as we move into our house and read the books all over again.  Which begs the question... when will I get tired of reading those books?!  Hopefully never.  And once it gets closer to the time Divergent is coming out in the theaters, I will start reading those books!

I've been WEARING nothing but my maternity compression pants from Old Navy... love love love them.  I would say this was easily the best buy from my first maternity clothing collection.  I pretty much love Old Navy for maternity wear because they've almost always got awesome online sales/coupons going on and free shipping if you purchase enough merchandise!  Thanks to some awesome hand-me-downs and second hand buys, I don't have to supplement my maternity wardrobe TOO much except for the fact that this is the first time I'll be super pregnant in the dead of summer... in the SOUTH!  Ahhhh... so needless to say, my most recent purchase from Old Navy included some maternity tanks!

Do you guys have Netflix?  If so, have you seen "Blackfish"?  WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY.  So worth your time.  In addition to that, I've been WATCHING documents lately.  (But not food-related ones.  They depress me so much and I'm not ready to make a huge lifestyle change... denial!  I know!  Maybe someday soon...)  The latest thing I watched and loved was "Aerial America" - the Tennessee episode.  So much awesome information and incredible aerial video of the beautiful state.  Also?  I just rewatched "Friends with Kids" last night for the first time since it was released on DVD and it was even funnier and more touching this time around.  We first watched it when Presley was only a few months old and now,  two years after becoming parents, the humor and characters were just that much more relateable.

Patiently WAITING for my sister and one of my best friends (my sister, Amanda, and my BFF Katie - who is becoming a first time mama!) to have their baby boys.  Both are due in early April (April 1st & 3rd) but I am so ready for them to have their healthy kids any day now!!!  And I'm hoping Matthew will come a little early and show up in March because we don't have many March birthdays in the family.  Matthew Alan will be my first nephew!  So excited to get into the boy world a little more.  Very excited that he and Molly will be so close in age - even closer than Presley and Annie!  It still hasn't REALLY dawned on me that we will have four kids running/crawling around during future get togethers rather than just the two girls.  Amanda... how are we gonna fit all 4 kids in the bathtub?! :)


  1. HAHAHAHAHA about the bathtub!!! :) Guess we'll have to work in shifts!! :)


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