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BATTLING:  So, we hit another substantial hitch when it comes to home buying and I am TRYING desperately to maintain the "glass half full" perspective of it all.  I really am trying.  For someone who is not always trying to find the bright side... it's a struggle.  So much of a struggle that if things don't improve by Friday, we will be walking away from this home.  And starting all over.  From scratch.  That will be such a defeating feeling.  Not to mention we will now be out of a small amount of money to do that.  Could be a lot worse but I just hope hope hope we are meant to be in this house and that it doesn't come to that.

Well, I wrote this post earlier today, without finishing publishing it... and thankfully since then we can now breathe a HUGE sigh of relief!!!  Things are looking UP with the home situation.  So great that things are BACK ON TRACK!!!!  And it is looking like we may still be able to attain possession NEXT WEEK!!!!  We could be home owners in one week.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Now there is a whole other kind of worry!!!  Like how in the world will we be able to get everything done by then!?  But it's such a great worry to have!!!  We have to time things perfectly so that once everything is out of the house we will have the carpets cleaned and stretched and then move our things in.  ONWARD & UPWARD!!!!

SURFING:  As you may know, we are Neflix people.  We frequently surf Netflix just to feel like there is nothing new that catches our eye.  (That's sorta rare.  Let's face it - there are so many options on there.)  After seeing Blackfish, Tony & I have watched two other documentaries on killer whales that have been awesome!  And the more recent show we've watched is "An Idiot Abroad" thanks to our friend Chris.  HILARIOUS.  What else could you expect with Ricky Gervais as the mastermind?  I was laughing and crying so hard watching it that my stomach was hurting.  Great show to watch... especially if you just need a pick-me-up!

JUMPING:  Who else is jumping for joy over the official beginning of SPRING being tomorrow?!  March 20th is also a special day for me & Tony as it marks the beginning of our dating eleven years ago!  (Though it's hard to wrap my mind around that fact.)  I am hoping for a spring full of fun weather and new opportunities (which will include moving into our next home - wherever that may be) and lots and lots of growth (my belly, growth as a family & as a couple, and of course my two babies growing)!

TAKING:  So many pictures and videos of Presley!!!  I swear she learns at such a progressive rate these days that everything is so new and funny and special to me.

MAKING:  A baby.  Well, my body is doing that for me.  It's just pretty incredible.  And what's especially incredible about this week?  We've hit the VIABILITY MILESTONE!  As in, "Babies born now in hospitals with top-tier facilities for premature babies have about a 50% chance of surviving... each week, your baby's chance of survival goes up."  Obviously, as it says, I want Miss Molly in there safe & sound and where she belongs - but it's incredible that there are stories such as THESE that are just FULL of miracles!  Obviously nothing is promised.  But the viability week is a reason to rejoice!

HEADS UP...  There will be an awesome opportunity coming up for my super fantastic readers here on the blog sometime in the next coming weeks... so make sure and stay tuned for some upcoming excitement!!


  1. YAY I am excited that your house process is still going through! REJOICE!
    Holding you all in prayer as it continues to progress, can't wait to see pictures!

    1. Thanks Sarah - those prayers are felt and so much appreciated. I hope the home front works out for us as it did for you both!!

  2. Congrats on the house situation!

  3. Congrats on the house :) So happy that you got to scratch out the original post and share some happy news!

  4. That's so awesome about your house! And spring! And the viability milestone! And raising the roof! So many happy thoughts in this post, it really made me smile :)


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