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Presley is FOUR.

It honestly hasn't sunk in that Presley is four... it really hasn't even hit me that it was her birthday (and that it's already passed). I don't know what my problem is but it feels like the moment bounced off of me before I could absorb it. We've had a lot going on lately, and maybe that's why, but I wanted to write about it in hopes that maybe my exceptionally thick skull could interpret what I may/should be feeling.

Labor and delivery for Miss Presley was so scary - mostly because it was such an unknown realm. Could I do this? Could my body actually do what it's supposed to (for once) and help me bring a baby into the world? My labor started February 18th and didn't end until the early hours of February 20th. I don't think I've ever been that hungry, scared, and tired in my life.

Not to mention, my amazing doctor who I trusted and wanted there so much was out of town. Luckily, I was sent an angel to help deliver Presley in the form of my doc…

Have I shared this before?

I've been thinking about what's going on with Kesha a lot lately.

Amid everything going on with Kesha, I wanted people who don't already know how wonderful her voice is to check out her Deconstructed EP. It is one of my favorites. It's just her voice and her lyrics and I love it. When I first downloaded it a while back I wondered why she wasn't making more music recently and hoped she would make music similar to this EP. Now knowing about the legal battle she's going through, not to mention everything personally she's going through, I hope so much that she'll come out bigger and stronger and brighter on the other end. Here's hoping she'll make songs infused with heart and soul. I listened to one of her songs (Dancing with Tears in My Eyes) over and over and over when I was going through some personal stuff years ago. 
And then there is the topic of sexual assault. Which happens so, so much that it's staggering. Considering how wonderful and…


So my sweet husband decided to surprise me for Valentines Day this year. (Me and surprises are not always the best mixture.) We went to Fuel Cafe in Midtown for dinner - which was fun, yummy, and different from our norm - and then to the Rec Room!

First, Fuel Cafe is a little restaurant in an old, converted gas station. There were all kinds of vegan and natural options on the menu... again, different than our normal choices! Tony went with the bison burger and side salad and I got the hunter's chicken. As usual, he proved to be the master orderer. When Tony originally told me where we were going he mentioned that the Fuel Cafe has a food truck and I was like -WHAT. I am not going to eat at a food truck this late! (It was after we put the kids to bed - late, late meal - and it was freezing out!) He quickly backtracked to tell me that we were not eating at a truck but in a restaurant.

Up next was the Rec Room, another Memphis place we had never been before. It's got a fun, dive…

Mish mash.

Several times recently I've opened up a new blog entry to start writing and nothing comes out. I have a desire to write and share and think and reflect but then... nothing. I've said it before but sometimes blogging feels silly. Like, why am I writing this? What use it is now or ever? And what is so fascinating or important about my life that I feel the need to share it? And then I read a friends blog or something they've shared about their own life and I enjoy reading it so much. So I write incase someone else enjoys it and hope that I enjoy it in the process.

What's everyone reading or planning to read this year? I don't remember the last time I read a book or what it was. I know Tony and I committed to reading the Harry Potter series last year (again for me but for the first time for Tony) and around the time we started really planning our Disney trip was the time we stopped reading. Tony made it to book 2 and I made it to book 4. Usually I can't put those b…