Baby 3.0: Sixteen Weeks

Nothing too exciting has been happening - not seeing or feeling any baby kicks yet. We're well out of the first trimester woods and I am so grateful the all day nausea has subsided. My energy is slowly coming back! Thank goodness! Though by the end of the night I have no trouble falling right to sleep and if you know me very well, you know I usually have sleep difficulties at night. And during Molly's nap time every afternoon I am struggling to keep my eyes open. My sweet Pres usually lets me get in a little cat nap... anything as long as she doesn't have to go nap herself!

Sixteen weeks along with baby Duggan #3
We are 3.5 weeks away from my next appointment... this is THE big one... the ultrasound appointment where we will likely find out the gender of this babe. I keep feeling pulled in both directions - it really would be exciting to find out what we're having in the delivery room but it would be so comforting knowing beforehand what to expect! (Tony has no desire to leave it as a surprise.) And of course it'll be so nice to share the news with the girls... especially Presley since she understands everything so clearly at her age. She's certain it's a girl, though.

I have NO clue what kinda kid I'm carrying in there. I've got the craziest acne on my face, which I didn't experience the last two pregnancies, and it just feels like I'm carrying this kid so differently. Though I've never experienced a third pregnancy before so of course it would seem different than the others - because it IS different. The last few appointments the baby's heartbeat has been on the lower side of the spectrum whereas the girls' were a bit more high.

Here are all three pregnancies side-by-side at the 16 week mark
As far as the "what are you hoping for" question - I don't really even think I know. I'm not sure if I truly just don't have a preference (beyond happy and healthy) or if my preference keeps changing subtly or what! At first I 100% scared at the idea of bringing home a baby boy. After thinking through most of the illogical reasons, I really would be okay with it. Obviously I am inexperienced in the boy department but it would be different, fun, and exciting. I really enjoy being a girl mom and I come from a family of 3 girls so I would feel like I would fit in perfectly with having another baby girl. Either way, we are elated.

I'm not having any huge cravings yet but I've been ordering several Italian sandwiches lately - which is not something I usually order - it has just been sounding (and tasting) so good! And as I said before, I am just happy food has been sounding good and cooking is no longer so offensive.

We tried to be cute an include both kids in the picture and... well... we probably won't try to do that too often because things got a little crazy. Molly decided to fly backwards after giving no warning and when I tried to catch Molly then I started to lose Presley! Somehow we walked away with no injuries from this one.

So with that, I'll leave you with our baby pool. You can guess what you think we'll end up bringing home! Just a fair warning - Tony has won with both kids in the past (no pressure, dear!) so even though there will be a prize for the winner, don't anybody get too attached to the idea of winning!! You can put in your guesses right here!


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