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BIG changes!

Well!  If I had waited just another few days to write Presley's 6 month update, it would have been a LOT different.  There have been several changes for Miss P in just the last 48 hours!

We gave Presley her first bit of baby cereal - oatmeal to be exact - on Saturday.  That was more exciting for Tony and I than it was for her.  She tolerates it, but she's not enthusiastic about eating cereal.  Her faces while eating were so animated and I couldn't stop laughing when watching the video Tony took of her eating.

We tried to give Presley a bit of a nap Sunday, but she was only asleep for a short while.  When we found out she was awake, Tony and I went into her room to get her and we were completely surprised to find her laying in her crib on her BELLY!

She's rolled over several times since then and Tony caught one of her rolls on film....

Presley is loving the fact that she can roll over and does it each time I put her on a flat surface.  She doesn't realize she can …

Happy HALF Birthday, Presley Rose!

**Presley's 1/2 birthday was Monday the 20th, but I waited to write this until after her 6 month checkup (which was today) so I could include all her new stats**
Wow!  Can you hardly believe that Presley is halfway to her first birthday?  Tony and I sure can't!  I would definitely say that he is in denial about her getting older and wants to keep her our little baby for as long as possible.  I'm always sad when I pack away the clothes she's grown out of, but I'm more excited for all the fun, new clothes I'm filling the empty spaces with!  When I was pulling out all her 6-9 month clothes he seemed to not like that at all and for the first time, Tony asked Presley to slow down.  In addition to that, we still haven't switched Presley to sit forward-facing in her stroller.  I'm open to it (although she's not sitting up the best yet) but Tony is absolutely against it, still.  He likes being able to look at her while we walk around with her in the stroll…

Couch to 5K Friday/Currently.

Alright, so this week I finally began "week four" of couch to 5k!  I put it in parenthesis because I should really be beyond week four... but that's alright.  Slow and steady wins the race?

I had to redo week three because I took nearly two weeks off between being out of town and just plain getting lazy and burnt out.  I really thought I would quit and I would have if it wasn't for my little sister telling me how much I'd regret it if I didn't stick with it.  She literally harped on me until I decided she was right and I needed to pick it back up. 

And if I thought week three was challenging, HOLY MOLY... week four was brutal.  It went something like this:  5 minute warmup walk and then jog 3 minutes, walk 90 seconds, jog 5 minutes (WHAT??), walk 2.5 minutes - and then repeat.  End with a 5 minute cool down walk.

At the end of week three I was running 2 miles in 29:23 minutes (14:35 first mile, 14:48 second mile) and yesterday was the beginning of week 4 fo…

Why Do You Run?

I was advised to answer this question because at the point I'm at in the couch to 5k is usually when beginners start to lose their steam.  If I know exactly why I run, then the theory is I can keep from getting burnt out and focusing on these reasons will keep me going!

To get in shape post-baby.  It's just amazing (or the opposite of amazing...) how much your body changes throughout carrying your baby.  It's all fun and exciting at the time and then once the baby is on the outside, you are left with basically a deflated tire for a belly.  I'm actually to the point where I am okay with my post-baby body and dare I say proud of each and every mark.  Even still, I want to make strides (pun intended) towards building muscle.  Most specifically, I want to feel better about my legs!I want to have a healthy hobby as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle and running is one way I can move a step closer to those goals.As much as I love my special little family, I would also like…



Okay, I have been wanting to write on this topic for a while now, but because for so many people it really is still a hot button issue (as in formula vs. breastfeeding), I've steered away from it.  It's to the point where I feel bad blogging about it because I don't want formula fed mamas to feel judged by me.  On top of it, it's still somewhat of a taboo subject and there are sadly grown adults out there who are weirded out by the topic.  I think this has been the BIGGEST motivation to write about it; if I were to stay silent because someone isn't comfortable with this topic, then I really am perpetrating the problem.

After a recent conversation with a friend of mine who is pregnant, I've decided to write about my feelings towards breastfeeding as well as my own personal experiences with nursing my daughter for the past (nearly) six months.  I'm writing this blog and will be so honest in sharing so that HOPEFULLY a new m…

Presley's first wedding!

Tonight we ventured out of our cave to celebrate one of my former co-worker's big & beautiful wedding day!
I've always enjoyed working with Barb & getting to know her over the past couple of years has been wonderful.  You don't always get so lucky to work with so many great people that you can really call your friends, but somehow I'm absolutely blessed in that department -- considering 3/6 of my bridesmaids were coworker best friends -- as well as so many YMCA folks I am fortunate enough to keep in touch with.

We weren't able to attend the ceremony as it fell in the middle of Presley's afternoon nap, but we made it for the reception!  Unfortunately, Presley didn't care for the talking and music playing over the speakers so she decided to fuss the entire time we were there.  Thankfully daddy swooped in to the rescue and walked all around the Ramada Inn with her!  Every time I would go out to check on them, Presley would look at me and instantly sta…

Welcome to the world, Miss Anne Marie!

So, as (most of) you guys know, my sister found out around Thanksgiving that she was pregnant!  I can't remember if her original due date was August 1st or July 31st, but it soon got moved up to July 28th and stayed there.  It was such exciting news and it was pretty sweet that our pregnancies would overlap three months together.  Amanda came to visit in December...

The next time we saw her was in May when her and John (and my little sister, Ashley) came in town for Presley's baptism.

And that was the last time I got to see Amanda while she was pregnant!  She was glowing, extremely laid back, and happy as usual; pregnancy definitely looked good on her.  Not to mention she had a healthy pregnancy and remains stretch mark free!  (Try not to hate her, ladies, she is very deserving of her good fortune!)

So, the week of her due date, she started to experience what she assumed were pretty light contractions.  They came and went and she was frustrated that it hadn't progressed i…