Presley's first wedding!

Tonight we ventured out of our cave to celebrate one of my former co-worker's big & beautiful wedding day!
Such a beautiful bride!
I've always enjoyed working with Barb & getting to know her over the past couple of years has been wonderful.  You don't always get so lucky to work with so many great people that you can really call your friends, but somehow I'm absolutely blessed in that department -- considering 3/6 of my bridesmaids were coworker best friends -- as well as so many YMCA folks I am fortunate enough to keep in touch with.

We weren't able to attend the ceremony as it fell in the middle of Presley's afternoon nap, but we made it for the reception!  Unfortunately, Presley didn't care for the talking and music playing over the speakers so she decided to fuss the entire time we were there.  Thankfully daddy swooped in to the rescue and walked all around the Ramada Inn with her!  Every time I would go out to check on them, Presley would look at me and instantly start crying!  I have no idea why - but it made me a little sad but mostly happy that she was having such a good time with her daddy.

She sure was happy before we headed to the wedding!

We got to stay for the toasts, food, cake, and formal dances - but we didn't get to do any dancing ourselves.  We left pretty soon into the evening because as soon as I held Presley, she passed out!  I'm not sure if it was just overwhelming for her or if she is really teething... but she was just having one of those days.

We had a few photo opps while we were there and were so happy to get to celebrate the special occasion.  Hopefully Presley's next wedding we can work our way up to some dancing with her.  :)

The Duggans :)

I know, my husband is a SEXY man!
The big polar bear at the hotel that has been there since I was a kid!

We wish Barbara and Alex a life full of joy together & hope that their marriage is even prettier than their wedding was!


  1. She looked so beautiful and I've always loved the polar bear! :D


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