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One week+ update!

I have been thinking so much over the last week about the need to write out what's been going on here lately... But it's been a little difficult to write more than the quick updates on Facebook. 
Labor and delivery this time around was amazing. Amazing. At the time I'm not sure I would have described it that way but pain is never easy to deal with at the time. First things first, an epidural was a part of my birth story - again. I labored from 8pm until 2:30am without medication at which point I was practically begging! I had made it to 4cm on my own in that time frame and I honestly felt like I was at the point with pain where I would clench up and not allow my body to keep progressing. 
From that point on, my body definitely sped up! The procedure was finished around 3am and I had no idea that I would be giving birth in a mere 3 hours!!! 
After giving birth I felt that immediate relief and we finally got to see and hold Molly! Another amazing feeling. I birthed the placenta…