32 & 33 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby TWO}

I know, I know... I failed to post last week!  Making up for it (a little) by posting a bit from last week AND this week.  :)

How far along?:  32 weeks along in my second pregnancy.
 Movement:  Just this week she has started to get a LOT more crazy with her movements.  I've also started to feel her hiccups occasionally!  (And they're just as annoying as last time!)

Cravings:  All things cottage cheese.  Also, gyros.  We had Kabob International - and our first gyros since moving back - and OH MY GOSH!  They are literally the best gyros I've ever had.  Yes, that means just as good as (or better than) Uncle Pete's to my QC people.  Kabob tops their gyros with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, & of course tzatziki (cucumber) sauce.  Seriously.  Amazing.

*  *  *

How far along?:  33 weeks along in my second pregnancy - more than likely less than 7 weeks to go!  I can do this.  I can do this.  I can do this.
L: 33 weeks pregnant with Presley (January 8, 2012)
R: 33 weeks pregnant with Molly (May 20, 2014)

I am feeling:  After spending the long weekend with friends, family, my sisters, nephew, niece, & brothers-in-law... I am feeling soo great.  It's amazing how much your mental well-being effects the rest of your life.  I didn't think I would last very long at the Memphis Zoo when we visited yesterday afternoon with everybody... but we ended up staying for 3-4 hours and I felt 100% fine the entire time - up until the walk back to the car.  And even then, that was just due to my legs swelling up.  I have a feeling it just had everything to do with how much genuine fun we were having!
Size of baby:  She's the size of a honeydew - and I BELIEVE IT!  Around 19 inches and 4.5 pounds... makes sense!

Movement:  It's starting to get ridiculous over here... she is really out of room.  When she moves around in there, you've got a pretty good chance of seeing it from the outside of my belly.  Early tonight she stuck her entire hand/elbow/knee/foot or something up against the other side of my belly button and pushed it all the way outward!!!  Was a crazy thing to look at and feel!
What I miss most:  Uninterrupted sleep.  Goodbye, forever.
Cravings:  I can't think of any cravings I've really had lately.  I guess the closest thing is wanting to go have some authentic Mexican food for the past week or so... and we had El Mezcal tonight... thank goodness my husband is such a great man!!!!
Best moment of the week:  Having my sisters and their significant others and kiddos in town.  We don't get together often enough and so it was really, really awesome.  Matthew's baptism was a beautiful occasion to bring people together.  We also had our housewarming potluck this weekend and it went great!

The whole gang!
L to R: Presley & Tony, Jonathan & Ashley, Amanda & Matthew, John & Anne Marie and Me

What I'm excited about:  Starting the hunt for a church we could consider our home parish here in Memphis... even though it makes me miss Father Levitt & Christ the King in Moline so so very much!


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