A Happy Mother's Day.

Yesterday was just one of those perfect days.  My husband started off the day by giving me the gift of sleep.  And when I did get my wake up call, it was my husband and my two year old daughter coming in the room to wake me up - which was a great, warm feeling!  When they came in to wake me, they also brought me a super sweet Mother's Day card that they made together... the BEST kind.  I got to play in bed with Presley for a little while before getting up and getting ready.

Next on the schedule?  We drove down to Tunica, Mississippi to have lunch with his parents at Sam's Town Casino's buffet.  They have Corky's BBQ - so I had DELICIOUS ribs for the first time since being back in Memphis.  Delicious!  My mother-in-law even pointed out that the dessert bar had no-sugar added options for me!!  We always have so much fun with my in-laws, Selena & Mike, and Presley just adores them so much. 

Oh, and did I mention, I didn't change a single diaper?  I didn't even dress Presley yesterday... my husband did!  And she looked adorable.  (Oh and of course, Presley and Tony being the buddies they are... she decided to not poop at all yesterday.  So typical!)  Tony also gave Presley her bath last night!!!  These things were so welcomed and appreciated, especially with this almost-32-week-pregnancy-belly in my way of things.

My husband is such a giving man and I felt so loved yesterday after his gifts to me.  As I've mentioned here before, I have been struggling with anxiety about this pregnancy as well as the big changes that await us and yesterday was such a welcome reprieve from all of that.  Today, I feel more equipped for everything going on and the things yet to come as well.  It's really amazing how healing some family time (coupled with some relaxation) can be for the soul.

And as always, I spent the day thinking about the influential women in my life - the ladies who have been mothers to me through their love and encouragement.  I'm lucky to have been born into an incredible family and to be accepted into another.  I am lucky to have aunts, grandmothers, a mother-in-law, and mom to support me and the people I love most.  As if those gifts aren't enough... every single one of those ladies has given birth to some of the best people ever - some who I consider my best friends!  And knowing how tough parenthood can be - knowing these women were able to do it, usually several times over, gives me strength that I can, too.

I hope everybody had a nice Mother's Day.  Whether you were looking for a fun and adventurous day or a calm, relaxing day or maybe you just needed a reminder as to why you are doing this whole crazy parenting thing - I really hope you were able to enjoy the day and the things it offered to you.


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