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WDW Day Four: Ohana, EPCOT, & Magic Kingdom

Sorry for the unexpected lapse of time since my last Disney post... I totally lost steam when it came to chronicling the trip. It's WAY less fun writing about the trip as it was experiencing it all!

So, onto our beautiful fourth day at Walt Disney World! We woke up at the Caribbean Beach Resort, got ready, and headed to the Polynesian Village Resort for a 10:30am breakfast reservation at 'Ohana! None of us had been to 'Ohana and it was on my Disney Bucket List of places to eat so I was REALLY looking forward to this meal. I had heard such great thing about the restaurant in general, about the amazing breakfast spread, and also about the fun character interaction and let me happily tell you that none of it disappointed!!! It's also so fun visiting the monorail resorts - both for their beauty and for the fun monorail rides.

The character interaction at 'Ohana is with Mickey, Pluto, Lilo, and Stitch and they're decked out in Hawaiian wear. Knowing this ahead of t…

2016 Goals

I know, I know... it's so cliche to end the year/begin a new year by making lists and setting goals. But I can't help but get swept away in the nostalgia that the New Years holiday brings. So, here we go.

Save. Is this not on anyone else's list for the upcoming year? Anybody have "spend" on their list instead? I guess since nearly ever other bullet point on my list will require spending money, maybe it's good to include saving in just one. Eat out less. One, because it's healthier to eat from home. Two, because... saving money.Start and finish two major projects around the house. The ones I'm reaching for at the moment: adding shoe boards to most of the house and staining a whole lots of cabinets (two bathrooms worth and a whole lotta kitchen cabinets). I'd like to add more projects to get done, but realistically, I'm just gonna stick with these two and hope we can get them done!ZUMBA. I have to get back out there and be active this year... ha…